Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Hate music nowadays

       SO i got in my car, turned on the loop, one of my favorite stations, and guess what i heard... NICKELBACK!!! OH MY GOD FUCKING CHAD KROGER!!! * cuts self* oh god this fucking musical desert known as indiana is pissing me the hell off. I miss the days of turning on the radio and hearing Yes, queensryche, Led Zeppelin, hendrix, you know the deal. i am getting sick of all of this Bubble gum commercial bullshit they play on all the good stations because it is marketable.

* sighs* well i have another station, Xrock, they play the good shit
not the shitty shit
the REAL shit
now alls i need is a progressive rock station and i'll shit bricks.....

now that i made myself clear i am happy with myself and glad to get that all out of my system...

tata for now

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