Friday, February 26, 2010

Whee prog rock!

oh lawdy! i dun gots me a new magazeen! Redneckness aside i got this sampler cd in a prog rock magazine and it is amazing! the opening track especially blew me away, overture/whirlwind by trans atlantic, HOLY SHIT

also... i started the .hack// another birth series...the very first chapter nearly made me cry... here lemme type part of it out for you

        darkness surrounded me, except for the light of the blood red moon. Something tickled my feet. I looked down to see crimson rose petals. Suddenly, the floral scent strangled me. I struggled to move, to breathe, to escape. I was alone in the wilderness. Then I saw her.
       She stood on a distant hillside, her silhouette outlined by the eerie moonlight. I moved toward her, but my body felt sluggish, weighed down. Still, I dragged my feet, inch by miserable inch. I had to talk to her.
       I drew closer. I could see her hair swaying in the wind. She stood with her back to me. Slowly her details were revealed in the crimson moonlight. She wore an evening dress made of silk but it was tattered and torn. Her arms and legs were covered with wounds. Even so, she was still really beautiful.
       I finally stood close enough to touch her. I extended my hand to tap her shoulder, but as I did, a sudden gust of wind scattered a tornado of rose petals through the air. She slowly turned toward me. Blood streaked tears ran down her face.
       I tried to speak, to scream, but no sound escaped my throat as I found myself staring at my own frightening mirror image.


as you can see this book so far has really fucked me up bad XD

well tata for now

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