Monday, March 15, 2010

final fantasy XIII

       Where do i begin? Final fantasy XIII(13 for the idiot that doesnt know roman numerals), the latest entry in the main final fantasy series, in my opinion, is a masterpiece, just like XII(12) and X(10) before it. it centers around 5 main characters( as far as i know so far) lightning, sahz, hope, vanille, and snow. the story throws you right into the part where the shit has hit the fan and it's your job to clean it off the wall. The game throws you around between characters alot, making some of it a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS. but otherwise it is the most accessible final fantasy game ever made, that said it is still difficult as all hell, but still easy enough to not turn off newcomers immediately, so far i am in love with everything, top notch voice acting, amazing visuals,and the sound track... OOH I LOVE THE BATTLE MUSIC!! that aside, the game is rather linear so far.... i'm still in coccoon though so what the hell do i know. i'll post more as i get farther

Sunday, March 7, 2010


SO!!! i recently almost fell victim to a lovely little hoax named Vista Antivirus 2010....

if you get this on your computer run a virus scan with your preexisting software and restart.... trust me..... it is bad