Sunday, October 31, 2010


child fund:
Now.... i really don't want to sound like an insensitive asshole about this, but these commercials are making me rather angry nowadays.... the most recent one strikes a rather.... PISSED OFF tone and tries to guilt you into it. Now, believe me, I'm all for helping those in need, but there comes a point when the comercials become redundant.

A bracelet that suddenly turns you into a cat? Well.... um... i actually tried one at the local mall and i can say it is bullshit...

Power Gig: rise of the 6 string:
I said i was skeptical at first with that game... and after seeing actual gameplay..... i can safely say I was right..... The game looks bland, the controllers are retarded,, and the tracklist kind....really sucks.

I don't buy it for a second... let's face it, no kind of tape can work like that... These promoters think we are stupid or something(which most of america is)

i know this was negative..... but i'm not talking about last night until i have a video to add to the post.... yay

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rockband 3 launch special: DLC we absolutely need!

Now for some time i have been waiting for some certain DLC from some of the greatest artists of all time... Sadly my cries and the cries of many other fans are going unheard. So I have compiled a list of bands, artists, groups(whatever you wanna call them!) that NEED to be featured in rockband as DLC sooner or later...

1. Led Zeppelin(now this is a no brainer.... most everyone would love to pound out the immigrant song or rock and roll)
2. Robin Trower ( often over looked, trower is one of the original guitar gods, and actually still puts out music today!)
3. YES(one of the original great Prog Rock bands, i can tell just about everyone would like to tear Roundabout a new one)
4. Emerson Lake and Palmer( the great Prog rock trio!  Karn Evil 9 would prove a great addition to rockband)
5. Frank Zappa ( Quite Possibly the greatest musical mind ever to live.... his career spans a massive 60+ albums, most of which receiving quite positive reviews... and let's face it, to play Peaches en Regalia would be a dream come true for many a fan)
6. more Dream theater( for many a dream theater fan like myself, simply having Panic Attack, and Constant motion, just is not enough.... i want more variety in my DT offerings, Prophets of War, These Walls, Wither, erotomania, etc)
7. Rainbow( with Dio of course, i don't know about you but the fact Long Live Rock 'n Roll hasnt been included yet is quite distressing)
8. Heart (ooh! barracuda!)
9. Foreigner( another no brainer)
10. Sugarloaf( ok mainly just Green Eyed Lady)
11. The Yardbirds ( their version of Train kept a Rollin will always be the best in my eyes)
12. more Rush( seeing 2112 in guitar hero makes me want La Villa Strangiatto in rockband)
13. Steve Vai( oh yes... steve.... possibly the greatest living guitarist... sure he has an ego... but he is allowed it simply because of his prowess)
14. more Joe Satriani ( satch boogie just wasnt enough of an ass kicking for me)
15. Edgar winter( FRANKENSTEIN!!!)
16. Ram Jam ( BLACK BETTY!)
17. aerosmith( i know we all want walk this way, and Toys in the Attic)
18. Golden Earring( oh yes... twilight zone(or bullet hits the bone... not sure)
20 Queensryche( jet city woman, Empire, queen of the ryche, the needle lies, Real world, Falling down... any of those would work well... i'm telling you...)

Everything in the blog is based on personal opinion.... This is all stuff i would love to see in the game.... and if i never do.... well... i will be disappointed... then probably move back on to DTXmania... and see how bad i fail... again... But you know, I do understand why Harmonix doesnt have the rights to use that music(dead band members, evil lawyers, etc). It sucks seeing all this great music go to waste.... well... if you got something to add throw it in down below in a comment... just no Scorpions, def leppard, or poison...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheech and Chong

It is hard to find the words to describe Cheech and Chong without "FUCKING HILARIOUS" coming up. If seeing them live at the chicago theater is anything, that statement has never been more true. The skits were mostly rehashes with a bit of new material mixed in, and it worked fantastically. Me, Brandon, my father and uncle all went and laughed ourselves to tears. Chong's wife even did some rather Hilarious stand-up bits.

Overall i would give the whole night a 10 out of 10...

remember kids... GET IT LEGAL!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random sketchbook post

this is an older image from my 2010 sketchbook, but it isnt a bad one in my own opinion

Character featured is Niis copyrighted to.... well... Her player

Where has music gone wrong?

You know, I love music.... but I don't like hearing the same shit over and over. That is the same for a lot of people. I can tell you though the state of the music industry is frustrating. We see bands that get famous for no reason, or for aesthetic over musicality ( see kiss, lady gaga). In all honesty the music industry may have shared the same bullet as kurt kobain. Between the occasional Zepplin or Rush tune we have to sit through hours of over played 80's pop bullshit on the radio. Bands like the Scorpions really outstay their welcome after the 125th time you hear "hurricane" in a day.

What gives me hope is new bands coming out like Them Crooked Vultures. Bands that blend elements of new and old and create a tasteful and dare I say extremely enjoyable sound.... WE NEED MORE OF THESE!

The worst thing to happen to music in recent years.... Lady gaga and Justin bieber
Now they are marketable and that's where the appeal is in thhem which is why people dig into it so badly. Over manufactured, factory approved soundschemes where there is money to be had.... I'm telling you though, It isnt good.... Fuck the money, make music!

Your ever cynical music fan

The furry rant...

In this rant I will name no names.... I may point fingers, but only at the empty corners in your room
*note, what i am talking about in this rant has to do with anthropomorphic animal characters, somewhat similar to... say, Goofy.... atleast in concept.... by definition Anthropomorphic means Human shaped. so essentially most furries associate through anthropomorphic animal characters, again, similar in concept to what is shown below(picture belongs to MIU* I think his name is micheal vega or something*)(( if anyone knows him, and sees this, could you let him no and get back to me on whether or not it is cool that i have this up here? if it's not cool i'll take it right down))

((OK SO the image wasnt cool to post... .SORRY GUYS!))

(the characters Peaches(bottom) Cream(couch) and jam( the red one) all belong to MIU)

Furries, essentially for many it's either "love it or hate it". Now i love the artistic freedom to be as willy-nilly as you like without being tied down by preconceived notions of how your "character", or in the case of this rant "fursona" should look. It's a vexing state considering there is no real reason behind truly hating furries and all they stand for. But that's probably the appeal. By hating the different kid you immediately classify yourself as the "cool kid". Then again I tend to see the world differently from others. I care not for appearance, but if they are someone fun to hang out with, hell, i'll hang out with schitzoids.

This brings me to the next part on this rant...

It bothers me when people refer to furries as "furfags" or insults of a similar meaning. It's no different from calling a black man a n***** in this day and age. Discrimination, that's all it is, all it boils down to, and really it's "stupid white redneck motherfuckers" that always discriminate. I don't enjoy being negative, but when it comes to this, when i find out an old friend of mine who was a furry was murdered, and when i find out just how ignorant america is... I have to let it out...

probably the biggest thing that gives furries their bad reputation is the porn.... now, of course almost all of it is either drawn or painted. What ruins it for everyone though are those that choose to have sex whilst wearing fur suits. It leaves a bad taste in people's mouths and for whatever reason causes PETA to classify them as sexual deviants(isnt that nice?).

People are affraid of what's different, and i can see why, they want nothing to come along that will challenge their set way of life.

Anywho, if ya read it, thank you, and if you feel like yelling at me, saying i'm wrong, calling me a limp dick furfagfucker, or any other combination of rude words, please send them in triplicate( well written please) to

*random side note*
a small list of notable furry characters:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rockband 3, DJ hero 2, and guitar hero 25(my thoughts)

Nowadays it's easy to almost instantly write off just about any music game coming out. However I will tell you why these 3 games matter.

Rockband 3:
Now, rockband was good, rockband 2 was better.... and the 3 small spinoffs were pretty ok as well. But Harmonix, ever intent on breaking their own mold, Found a way to further improve the game, keyboard, and REAL GUITAR(don't forget pro drums). Throw in 3 part vocal harmonies, and your whole family, and neighbors will have a hell of a good time playing Bohemian rhapsody. add drop in drop out multiplayer, and a sprinkling of more awesome stuff, and you got what may be the best music game ever!
verdict: Buy!

DJ hero 2
When the first DJ hero game came out me and my brother were both on the fence about it, wondering what to do about it. we didnt buy it.... however we did play it extensively at best buy.( i was hooked instantly.... brandon is just now coming around what with DJ hero 2 out). to me the improvements are readily apparant ( and Deadmou5 looks amazing in the game). Much to my surprise, and personal dismay, We both had fun playing a lady gaga/deadmou5 mix. we suck horribly, but with him on hard and me on expert i still inexplicably win....
verdict: Buy!

guitar hero 6:
Now i could pass this off as just another guitar hero game.... and really..... it just kinda is.... save for one of the best track listings to date, and improved graphics, (and the rather un needed story mode) and rush's 2112!(that's an improvement on it's own) , it shares a lot of paralell songs with rockband.... and kinda expectedly, rockband did it all better
verdict: buy for 2112 and the exclusive megadeth tune.... that's about it

:sidenote: powergig, rise of the six string:
it kinda goes without saying that this game will flop.... they try something different.... but i can say it will not work.... especially for drummers, we need something we can actually hit..... not just swing madly in the air...
that doesnt mean i won't try it. but i know, just like rock revolution, it will flop horribly

one more sidenote.... if you don't know what rock revolution is.... basically.... take a japanese developer, credited with essentially creating music games... .and watch them fuck up BAD

Monday, October 18, 2010


A list of games i must argue with myself over from october, to january
1. Gran Turismo 5.
2 need for speed hot pursuit
3 Rockband 3
4. Call of duty Black Ops
5. Medal of Honor
6 Test Drive Unlimited 2
7 Epic mickey
8 Donkey Kong Country Returns
9 Sonic Colors
10 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

I know at first glance people are gonna complain "Why no Fable? Why no halo? y0u $+up!d NUB!
the simple reply to this is.... .I DO NOT OWN AN XBOX, NOR DO I WANT ONE..

Next, there are probably other games that slipped my mind.... THIS IS JUST 10 OF THE GAMES I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO

Gran Turismo tops the list for the obvious reason that it is gran turismo....
Need For speed comes in second because i really hope they make this one good
rockband is a no brainer.... CALL OF DUTY however.... that was a difficult choice.... i freaking hated modern warfare 2. but seeing as the treyarch developed CoD's were my favorite ones this one shouldnt disappoint. Medal Of Honor really needed a return to form, and the new one more than does that.... and the rest i don't feel like talking about

Jackass 3D review

Today I had the pleasure of viewing Jackass 3D. I will say any and all positive hype about the movie is right on the money. Essentially it is an extra long Jackass episode, but that does not detract from the overall experience one bit.

NOW it is a safe statement that some of the movie was not infact shot in 3D.... which from a cost standpoint is understandable. But really the 3D is used only where it is needed.... which is almost everywhere. 3D or not the movie is quite enjoyable. BEWARE!!! this is not a kids movie by any stretch... .any parents of young children are advised to avoid this movie, lest you scar them for life

overall the movie is crass, unintelligent, disgusting, and the damn funniest thing to come out all year.... i highly reccommend it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

hoo boy!

This one is gonna be short.

One word.... FUCK!!!

What do you fucking want from me?

Fine.... i'm back after a long abandonment of this account... due to lazyness and trying out webs and stuff.... so here i am, back again and posting news and stuff.... first off.... today is the anniversary of my cousin's death... i would go on a tear about how bad it fucked me up, but i think my idiot cousin sarina did that into the ground.

Next, the 17th is my brother's birthday, we both plan on seeing jackass 3D.... aside from that, nothing much else

somewhere inbetween my dad's new band Dreamz will be playing a few shows.

also, if you are looking for a quick laugh mixed in with almost inappropriately adorable art, make sure you check out the Lucky Star manga... i have the first 3 volumes and i must say the jokes are all very very witty and well written.....

this coming monday i'll probably do a good news post