Monday, October 18, 2010


A list of games i must argue with myself over from october, to january
1. Gran Turismo 5.
2 need for speed hot pursuit
3 Rockband 3
4. Call of duty Black Ops
5. Medal of Honor
6 Test Drive Unlimited 2
7 Epic mickey
8 Donkey Kong Country Returns
9 Sonic Colors
10 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

I know at first glance people are gonna complain "Why no Fable? Why no halo? y0u $+up!d NUB!
the simple reply to this is.... .I DO NOT OWN AN XBOX, NOR DO I WANT ONE..

Next, there are probably other games that slipped my mind.... THIS IS JUST 10 OF THE GAMES I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO

Gran Turismo tops the list for the obvious reason that it is gran turismo....
Need For speed comes in second because i really hope they make this one good
rockband is a no brainer.... CALL OF DUTY however.... that was a difficult choice.... i freaking hated modern warfare 2. but seeing as the treyarch developed CoD's were my favorite ones this one shouldnt disappoint. Medal Of Honor really needed a return to form, and the new one more than does that.... and the rest i don't feel like talking about

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