Thursday, October 21, 2010

The furry rant...

In this rant I will name no names.... I may point fingers, but only at the empty corners in your room
*note, what i am talking about in this rant has to do with anthropomorphic animal characters, somewhat similar to... say, Goofy.... atleast in concept.... by definition Anthropomorphic means Human shaped. so essentially most furries associate through anthropomorphic animal characters, again, similar in concept to what is shown below(picture belongs to MIU* I think his name is micheal vega or something*)(( if anyone knows him, and sees this, could you let him no and get back to me on whether or not it is cool that i have this up here? if it's not cool i'll take it right down))

((OK SO the image wasnt cool to post... .SORRY GUYS!))

(the characters Peaches(bottom) Cream(couch) and jam( the red one) all belong to MIU)

Furries, essentially for many it's either "love it or hate it". Now i love the artistic freedom to be as willy-nilly as you like without being tied down by preconceived notions of how your "character", or in the case of this rant "fursona" should look. It's a vexing state considering there is no real reason behind truly hating furries and all they stand for. But that's probably the appeal. By hating the different kid you immediately classify yourself as the "cool kid". Then again I tend to see the world differently from others. I care not for appearance, but if they are someone fun to hang out with, hell, i'll hang out with schitzoids.

This brings me to the next part on this rant...

It bothers me when people refer to furries as "furfags" or insults of a similar meaning. It's no different from calling a black man a n***** in this day and age. Discrimination, that's all it is, all it boils down to, and really it's "stupid white redneck motherfuckers" that always discriminate. I don't enjoy being negative, but when it comes to this, when i find out an old friend of mine who was a furry was murdered, and when i find out just how ignorant america is... I have to let it out...

probably the biggest thing that gives furries their bad reputation is the porn.... now, of course almost all of it is either drawn or painted. What ruins it for everyone though are those that choose to have sex whilst wearing fur suits. It leaves a bad taste in people's mouths and for whatever reason causes PETA to classify them as sexual deviants(isnt that nice?).

People are affraid of what's different, and i can see why, they want nothing to come along that will challenge their set way of life.

Anywho, if ya read it, thank you, and if you feel like yelling at me, saying i'm wrong, calling me a limp dick furfagfucker, or any other combination of rude words, please send them in triplicate( well written please) to

*random side note*
a small list of notable furry characters:

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