Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rockband 3 launch special: DLC we absolutely need!

Now for some time i have been waiting for some certain DLC from some of the greatest artists of all time... Sadly my cries and the cries of many other fans are going unheard. So I have compiled a list of bands, artists, groups(whatever you wanna call them!) that NEED to be featured in rockband as DLC sooner or later...

1. Led Zeppelin(now this is a no brainer.... most everyone would love to pound out the immigrant song or rock and roll)
2. Robin Trower ( often over looked, trower is one of the original guitar gods, and actually still puts out music today!)
3. YES(one of the original great Prog Rock bands, i can tell just about everyone would like to tear Roundabout a new one)
4. Emerson Lake and Palmer( the great Prog rock trio!  Karn Evil 9 would prove a great addition to rockband)
5. Frank Zappa ( Quite Possibly the greatest musical mind ever to live.... his career spans a massive 60+ albums, most of which receiving quite positive reviews... and let's face it, to play Peaches en Regalia would be a dream come true for many a fan)
6. more Dream theater( for many a dream theater fan like myself, simply having Panic Attack, and Constant motion, just is not enough.... i want more variety in my DT offerings, Prophets of War, These Walls, Wither, erotomania, etc)
7. Rainbow( with Dio of course, i don't know about you but the fact Long Live Rock 'n Roll hasnt been included yet is quite distressing)
8. Heart (ooh! barracuda!)
9. Foreigner( another no brainer)
10. Sugarloaf( ok mainly just Green Eyed Lady)
11. The Yardbirds ( their version of Train kept a Rollin will always be the best in my eyes)
12. more Rush( seeing 2112 in guitar hero makes me want La Villa Strangiatto in rockband)
13. Steve Vai( oh yes... steve.... possibly the greatest living guitarist... sure he has an ego... but he is allowed it simply because of his prowess)
14. more Joe Satriani ( satch boogie just wasnt enough of an ass kicking for me)
15. Edgar winter( FRANKENSTEIN!!!)
16. Ram Jam ( BLACK BETTY!)
17. aerosmith( i know we all want walk this way, and Toys in the Attic)
18. Golden Earring( oh yes... twilight zone(or bullet hits the bone... not sure)
20 Queensryche( jet city woman, Empire, queen of the ryche, the needle lies, Real world, Falling down... any of those would work well... i'm telling you...)

Everything in the blog is based on personal opinion.... This is all stuff i would love to see in the game.... and if i never do.... well... i will be disappointed... then probably move back on to DTXmania... and see how bad i fail... again... But you know, I do understand why Harmonix doesnt have the rights to use that music(dead band members, evil lawyers, etc). It sucks seeing all this great music go to waste.... well... if you got something to add throw it in down below in a comment... just no Scorpions, def leppard, or poison...

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