Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Someone finally heard my plea!

I bloody fucking HATE this tablet war we've entered between iOs and Android. one is the same OS powering millions of crappy smartphones everywhere, just scaled up a little for a 7 inch or higher screen. The other is like owning a giant iPod touch. What happened to actual tablet PC's? we've had the technology for years, only now is it seeing mass use on a horribly watered down scale.

THANKFULLY, some company decided to put a REAL OS on one of things, well a special one of these things, a DUAL SCREEN TABLET, kinda like a massively scaled up and highly more sophisticated Nintendo DS. Shockingly this innovation came from one company I never give much thought to.... Acer. Now if Apple or HP, or Dell, or any other computer company were to do this I would have just said it was a logical move and nodded as though it never happened, but seeing as it is ACER, my hat is off to them. i mean, this is essentially a dual touch screen laptop, i think it's fucking awesome, especially for me being a sort of armchair graphic artist( new banner for this blog as soon as i get GIMP reinstalled).

This is the exact thing i've been looking for some company to do, a dual screen tablet, and so far i'm praying for the best on this one as this is something that in my own opinion should do really well. But as has been proven time and time again, my opinion means nothing. atleast some company is stepping up to the plate and at least offering a touch screen with windows.... COME ON APPLE!! I WANT A DUAL SCREEN AIR!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

random albums you probably never bought because mainstream radio has it's hand up your ass like a puppet!

Well i got a nice list of albums and bands you may not give 2 shits about....

starting off the list
(artist/"album name")
Scale the Summit/ "Carving Desert canyons"
a skillful mix of progressive and mainstream instrumental rock that shows serious skill on all fronts.

Transatlantic/"The Whirlwind"
A super group consisting of members of Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, marillion, and The Flower Kings. the album itself is recorded as one 72 minutes song, so, once you pop that CD in be prepared to sit down and listen to this wonderful album that pays tribute to the prog rock greats.... BE PREPARED to sit through the whole thing

Julien-K/ "Death to Analog"
consisting of former members of the band orgy, Julien-k is a electro rock group which completely abandons the mainstream so that it may be more about the great music, and less about some sweaty bald guy promoting them...

Dream Theater/ "Black Clouds and Silver Linings"
a powerhouse performance by dream theater, consisting of 6 songs that total in at around 70 minutes..... or if you are like me and got the 3 disc version the 2nd disc is 6 cover songs, and the 3rd disc is instrumental mixes of the first disc.....

The Jelly Jam/ "2"
A perfect mix of progressive and mainstream with some major feeling behind it all. it doesnt hurt that it is also a supergroup composed of kings x, dixie dregs, and dream theater members

my reasoning behind this post is that so much great music goes unappreciated thanks to the likes of Lady GaGa and Ke$ha who worry about style over substance.... I'm a guy who want's his music to come from somewhere other than some rich bastard's "by the book" approach to music, which is why i enjoy these musical standouts, and why you should give them a chance!

thanks for reading

Monday, November 15, 2010

bullshit bullshit bullshit

So, ever since Mike Portnoy split from Dream Theater there has been an almost unhealthy amount of fans freaking out about it(blaming Transatlantic and A7X). Really, these things happen, the man needed a break, get over it. I'm not saying I like it too much either, but I love Dream Theater, and Avenged Sevenfold enough that I am wholeheartedly interested in where they will go next... And I respect Mike Portnoy enough that I will continue to follow what he does.

Really though, people are incessantly stupid enough to keep bitching and bitching about this. Yes, this is a big change for Mike, for DT, and for DT fans. GET OVER IT

that's all i have to say for now... i need sleep

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stickam streaming.....

just gonna be streaming my dad's band practing as a sort of test shoot.....


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The whole california ban trial...

Now I find it hilarious that they are still trying to tell us what we can and can't play on our collective PS3's and Wii's. Now it is also rather irritating that I could potentially be arrested for owning Grand Theft Auto, or Manhunt. Especially since "the governator", who was in some of the most violent movies EVER, is backing this entire movement. You can imagine that I am rather PISSED OFF.

The whole root of the problem is bad parenting really. Parents who offer no help in making a child differentiate VIRTUAL from REALITY, obviously have no business having children. Following that there are "mentally challenged" people, who play the game and something clicks in their brain, telling the poor dumb bastard that killing people is allright. The final bit, stems from the first bit. Kids who use "grand theft auto taught me that" as an excuse for committing a crime. Again this stems from bad parenting.

Now i'm not saying that videogames don't have practical applications....
Gran Turismo 4 and 5 both essentially taught me how to drive, or atleast, gave me a good enough handle on the wheel that I am a rather astute driver

Rockband 2, essentially taught me how to drum. well more like it gave me a head start on the instrument so when i picked up the sticks i wasnt totally lost behind the kit

back to the topic at hand...

In order to make a stronger case, the groups against videogames, threw up footage of Postal 2.... which is an ultraviolent, bloody, gorey, offensive game, that will make a horrible statement. It is honestly a step backwards in america's collective intelligence. I mean it really sucks that as a gamer, I may have to step up as a politician, merely to protect my ability to play games....

Really, when you have a violent kid who has never played video games, then introduce video games, then he does something drastic... what do you blame? you blame the parents for allowing it to happen.

I'm so DAMNED SICK OF ALL OF THIS!!! Honestly this whole case sickens me.... but thankfully within the next 24 hours it will all be over..... if it really goes against my own ability to game.... then i guess i will just have to go postal too(see what i did there?.... no? oh.... well.... go back and read the blog again and maybe you'll see it)