Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Someone finally heard my plea!

I bloody fucking HATE this tablet war we've entered between iOs and Android. one is the same OS powering millions of crappy smartphones everywhere, just scaled up a little for a 7 inch or higher screen. The other is like owning a giant iPod touch. What happened to actual tablet PC's? we've had the technology for years, only now is it seeing mass use on a horribly watered down scale.

THANKFULLY, some company decided to put a REAL OS on one of things, well a special one of these things, a DUAL SCREEN TABLET, kinda like a massively scaled up and highly more sophisticated Nintendo DS. Shockingly this innovation came from one company I never give much thought to.... Acer. Now if Apple or HP, or Dell, or any other computer company were to do this I would have just said it was a logical move and nodded as though it never happened, but seeing as it is ACER, my hat is off to them. i mean, this is essentially a dual touch screen laptop, i think it's fucking awesome, especially for me being a sort of armchair graphic artist( new banner for this blog as soon as i get GIMP reinstalled).

This is the exact thing i've been looking for some company to do, a dual screen tablet, and so far i'm praying for the best on this one as this is something that in my own opinion should do really well. But as has been proven time and time again, my opinion means nothing. atleast some company is stepping up to the plate and at least offering a touch screen with windows.... COME ON APPLE!! I WANT A DUAL SCREEN AIR!

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