Friday, December 17, 2010

Webcomic special? yea sure why not!

Throughout the past few years I have had a sort of fluctuating interest in little things called WEBCOMICS. For many they can be useless generic boring, what have you. My interest was resparked again recently in the form of a few comics, one violent and hilarious, another with a downright odd storyline involving magic and shit, and the last one being diabetes inducingly high levels of pure adorable.

we'll begin with the adorable "Luv Peaches" by the extremely talented Miu. For those reading this ( if any one reads this at all) Miu is an artist, who is most well known for the furry porn he draws... I discovered him when an odd little picture of Sweeny Todd wound up in my email inbox. ( i'd post the picture but i think having one picture by him could be enough to get me a banhammer so i will be conservative with it).

Anywho... to those accquainted with Miu's stylings, this comic(from a content rating standpoint) is rather mellow. There doesnt seem to be any indication of anything perverted potentially happening. But miu being.... miu, you never know what will happen.
 you can read luv peaches here

Next up we have the "sci fi" action comedy, Blade kitten, by Space Captain Steve.

I myself don't know much about its origins or the artist but the story itself is pretty damn good. It doesn't drag its feet, and the art is phenomenal. It even managed to spawn a video game(which might I add is a pretty damned good game). The series builds it's own universe, and continues to grow and expand. If given time it could become as big as if not bigger than Penny Arcade, or CAD. I won't give anything away on what it is about.... you'll just have to read it for yourself at

Finally we have Flipside.... by a guy who's name i seem to have forgotten. Well... anywho. The first few chapters can be pretty raunchy, but past that it mellows out and just kinda becomes violent.... but that is ok as the violence advances the story nicely. It can be dark, it can be sad, it can be a high fantasy comedy of magic, sex, and a dude who has no fucking clue what he is doing. The art constantly improves as the chapters roll on, and the story manages to stay consistent and readable.

An odd fact... the currently running 27 chapters available.... are not the whole story... infact the artist did a whole 26 chapters which he refers to as "Book 0"

flipside can be read here

Now that that whole mess is out of the way, the last thing I will say is, I really hope these comics don't become like megatokyo for me. I used to love megatokyo.... and still kinda do, but it eventually grew to the point that it just drags on and on and on. I really hope all 3 of these comics hold up in the long run. So now that I am finished with this stupid post no one will read, I will end it with one word


your psychotic blogging friend,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks controversy and why it pertains to you!

The internet is a wonderful thing. You can find almost anything you want, and usually fairly easily. The government aims to change that at the drop of a hat.

Wikileaks is a site built on the basis of freedom of speech and freedom of information. The government believes said website is abusing these basic human rights and claiming the site threatens national security by spreading the truth. What people need is truth, and not force-fed bullshit from the government. Not to say I am anti-governmental. There are things we could only accomplish with a useable government... Sadly the opposite of progress seems to be congress.

I think what people can't do themselves they rely on 100 or so idiots in five-hundred dollar suits to do. I guess it's sort of a "we have no money, we can't do shit, you assholes do it" mentality. So right away we throw away our ability to think and do as we are told by some asshole with a bad comb over.
This is really disturbing that we have such a tendency to follow the random asshole sitting in the throne. Where the hell is our instinct? Why can't we have our own minds? We abide by their rules when they are breaking them mindlessly. Where is our justice? Where is our protection that they over spend on for themselves?

Who are these men to tell us what to do when they don't even do their own work properly? I mean, as much as everyone tears up the president, he is doing something the last guy didn't do, TRY.

I'm not saying anarchy is the way to go. My statement is far from that. I'm saying we need competence ruling our country. we need our freedoms back. I don't know about you but I want to be able to say what I want without fear of persecution. Well this blog has escaped it's original purpose so time to come back to that.

We need our ability to speak freely back, but seeing how things are run I don't see that happening. They kill the revolutionary, silence the free speaker, and brainwash the free thinker. I want my freedom back. It's time for congress to change something for the better.

The opposite of pro is con
The opposite of progress is congress

Perhaps it's time we took a good hard look at our leaders and judge their ability to actually LEAD.

Your ever cynical and politically incorrect friend