Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you're not religious, why do you celebrate religious holidays?

A few years back, I fell out of love with the whole religion thing. It wasn't in an attempt to seem cool among my new friends in high school, not in the slightest. To be honest, I found greater reason in science than religion. Not that religion shouldn't exist, or that having "faith" is bad, but I see no reason why people should carry out horrible atrocities in the name of a "god" that may simply not exist. At the same time, the reason I fell out of love with it, was not these atrocities, it was a want of reason, explanations, and a reasonable skepticism towards things and people that simply expect me to follow their point of view.

Having said all that, I did not simply shrug off belief in "god", or rather some at least potential omniscient overseer. Instead I acknowledge the possibility of their existence, but see no reason to devote my life to such a being. Instead I've come to possess a sense of open-mindedness, allowing myself to be open to all possibilities, no matter how absurd, or initially unappealing they may be.

Where does this factor into why I celebrate religious holidays, without actually being religious?

Honestly, it's a one word answer... "Family." 

I love to spend time with my family, and I don't need a book written over 2 Millenia ago. At the same time, I don't need to follow a religious custom to simply enjoy the holidays. Instead of celebrating Jesus' birth, I celebrate simply having people in my life. It's a simple concept. Besides, Christmas is so all-encompassing now, you could celebrate it for damn near anything. Presents, family, good food, the birth of your savior, or just chilling by the fire with the person, or persons you love most, all of them are acceptable, none of them are wrong.

I honestly wanted to elaborate on this a bit more thoroughly, but the simple truth is, I don't need to. If you celebrate christmas, do it right. Don't just kiss a dead guy's feet, give your family a hug, and be thankful for what really matters, for the people that you love, and that love you the most.

Merry late Christmas everyone, and have a happy new year


Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is why some people should consider abortion

--Reply to your comment on: SebastiAn 'Love In Motion' ft. Mayer Hawthorne (Skrillex's Funkt-Out Remix)--
"@TheNaitsrandosity dude thats obvious it symbolizes his selfsteem and ego,but its a fucking fag pic,a man with ennough manhood would'nt accept such a disgusting photo the action itself is disgusting and homosexual ,it can symbolize my dick inside your virgin ass or the hunger in africa but its a disturbing gay image ,plus my iq is 130 ,i bet im totally moar intellingent than you ,plus im an epic kickboxing fighter and a real alpha male that scores pussy and any chick i want,,so,dumbas ejoy urfag"

Normally I don't give stock to blatant idiocy like this, but in this case an exception will be made. What we have here is a narcissistic "genius" who clearly believes getting laid is proof of one's manhood. What is disturbing here, is the "man" that sent me this comment claimed a metaphor of an artists ego(i.e. a picture of a man kissing himself) was a disgusting homosexual image. Following that he proceeded to make light of world hunger by comparing it to himself, raping me, and criticizing my intelligence(whilst also proving his lack thereof with fairly poor punctuation and grammar.)

The reality of this is, the poor sucker what posted this poorly contrived response to my personal opinion, is most likely an utter imbecile with some sort of erectile napoleon complex. Because he feels inadequate, he chooses to validate himself by claiming an "above average intelligence," on top of "proving" his level of manliness by claiming he is an "alpha male," who constantly "scores," and is an "epic kickboxer." All this below average, unintelligent, and unfit "person" has proven is his own worth, or lack thereof.

So, to everyone on the internet, instead of spouting off useless bullshit to make yourself seem like the better person, why not apply a little logic. Think about what kind of person would really say something like that. And if the claims don't add up, more than likely you are dealing with someone trying to validate his existence through demeaning others, lying about personal accomplishments, and proving just what a hateful person they are.

anyway, this post is done, go back to doing what you were doing.

Your idiocy intolerant  friend,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a quickie.....

Welp! I've come up with an artist name for myself.... Say hello to Not So Random.... and my first official tune.... even if it is a remix....

so, here it is, the Not So Random remix of "Sofi Needs A Ladder" by Deadmau5

Deadmau5 and parties and pot brownies OH MY!

  .... Why I felt so inclined to title this post like that, only my caffeine addled brain will know(Hurr hurr just like tootsie pops!)

 This post has nothing to do with Pot brownies, sorry for the stoners that found this on google. However, this has almost everything to do with how my cousin Sarina and I went to see Deadmau5's "Meowingtons Hax Tour" on October 23rd. 

As I write this post, I will listen to only Deadmau5, so everytime the song changes, I will note that.

Starting off with "Aural Psynapse"

The ride to the show was quick, even accounting for a couple of "Chicago traffic jams." We turned a 1 hour drive into a 45 minute drive... with a fair bit of speeding. Once we made it into the city and found parking(in a rather shady lot), things smoothed out a bit. However, it was fairly uneventful, until we got to the actual venue, and saw NOBODY outside. 
now playing: I remember

 Needless to say, the sight of the line, or apparent lack thereof, was a bit disconcerting. So the two of us headed up to the door, where we were promptly stopped by a guard who told us the line started to the left of the building. One block later we found the start of the line.... and OH WHAT A FUCKING LINE IT WAS.... stretching between several buildings, a CTA overpass, a loading dock with a few bums, and a convenience store. That sight made the original "lack of a line" thought seem like a silly concept. And, well, It's Deadmau5, Excision, and Feed ME, WHY WOULDN'T THERE BE A LINE?

now playing: FML

 30 or so minutes after finding the end of the line, they finally started letting people in, which became a complication as they split the line into males and females. Well, not so much a complication as a minor annoyance as the next 5 minutes was spent with me trying to find my cousin. As soon as she was found we made our way into the ballroom.

I honestly feel kinda bad as I don't have any photos of the first artists.... nor do I know their names. If anyone was at the Aragon Ballroom on October 23rd, 2011, and knows who they were, I would be really grateful so I could give credit for their downright awesomeness.

now playing: Ghosts 'n' Stuff(nero remix)

Next up came Feed Me, with an ultra energetic set of Electro, trance, dubstep, and even dropping a few other artist's tunes. With live visuals that were quirky, and quite entertaining, as well as music that actually kept the crowd going on, Feed Me was when the night really started, and was Indicative of what was still to come.

 Following  Feed Me was EXCISION. Sarina( who is my cousin, for those of you who are so retarded as to have already forgotten who she is) said after the show that Excision was her favorite act there. It's not hard to see why. Between the heart-stopping bass drops, heavy beats, and even a remix of a slayer song, Excision was certainly a powerhouse. But, for me, the best part was still to come.

now playing: Raise Your Weapon(noisia remix)

Not long after Excision concluded his set, Deadmau5's set opened up with "Where My Keys" and the entire room became a massive pit of dance, flying glowsticks, and people spilling beer on my pants... That said, when the actual light show kicked in, when the curtain dropped, and when the "Cube" lit up, the crow went even crazier. Eventually, Sofi stepped out on stage, immediately belting out the tracks "SOFI Needs a Ladder," and "One Trick Pony" as only she can.

 at the very end of the show, the screen flashed "Game Over" and, without a word, the Mau5 left the stage.

Now that my journal of what happened has come to an end, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures after this.

Remember folks... SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! ~Naithan

now playing: HR 8938 Cephei

thanks for reading

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gonna be a short hiatus on here...

Yep..... gonna stop posting for a while.... probably for the next, eh..... month or so.... I kinda usually have a certain mood I have to be in when posting this blog, and I just don't feel it lately... so instead of bitching and moaning about how depressed I am, i'm just gonna take a while, recharge, and see what happens.....


Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, i haven't done an anime post in a long while!

Yeah it has been a while since my last anime centric post hasn't it? Well now i'm going to remedy that with a list of the random shit i've been watching lately. In this post you'll read about wolves, the supernatural, 2 washed up superheroes, and a space opera from the 90's ( all of which have been around a while.... i'm just now getting to watch them).

First up in the list is Wolf's Rain. Simply put it's a tail of 4 wolves, searching for paradise. The actual story runs much deeper than that, essentially spinning it's own mythos into something much larger than "Just a story." Humans are descendants of the wolves, yet persecute them in fear. In order to eke out a living wolves must assume the form of a human (albeit in image only.) The plot constantly builds with twist after twist after what you think is a plot hole is really found out to be some bit of exposition, or an expansion of the series' already well laid story.

That all said, despite the superb story, and great animation, the series does have a few drawbacks, all of which are small in my eyes. Some characters can get annoying as hell, but that's the case with every series ever, so it's still passable. Others sadly seem one dimensional, but in a manner that is conducive to the plot. In the end everything seems to be a one sided battle.... meaning the wolves against the world. Despite these minor short comings... and the four or five filler "recap"episodes towards the middle, the series manages to stay strong with good animation, a great score, great writing, and characters, that despite being wolves, feel human.

Oh fuck, I gotta do a rating system don't I? eh..... i'd say.... 8/10

OK! The next 3 series were animated by MADHOUSE..... (at least I think they were).

Starting off the list of "MADHOUSE" anime is Supernatural. Seeing as I get a bit of hate mail for not reading up properly on some stuff I know some idiot is sitting at home going "oh this fucking moron doesn't know that supernatural is actually a live action series on THE CW, hurr hurr." Shut the fuck up. This is an animated adaptation of the first couple of seasons of the live action series(with a few original stories here or there.)

Being from studio MADHOUSE, the animation is top-notch, as you'd expect it to be, even if most of the women in the series look damn near exactly the same... It seems as though the animators made Dean just a little too.... happy, or maybe i didn't pay enough attention to the live action series. As for voice acting, it's kinda the same case as wolf's rain, if a little worse( ok.... most side characters are fucking annoying.) Sam is voiced by the actual actor that played him in the live action series..... Dean however is not(for the most part). His actual actor does step in for a few episodes here or there, but other than that, it's a different voice actor, that sounds a bit like he's trying too hard.  From a story point... .well, if you knew what went on in the first couple of seasons of the live action series, for the most part you'll know what went on here, so draw your own conclusions.

and the rating.... eh.... 7/10

the next 2 I will review together since they are kinda from the same universe....

 Iron Man, and Wolverine. Initially I was excited for both of these series, but they kinda disappoint. Again, animated by MADHOUSE, the animation is superb for the most part, Iron Man is especially convincing, but the slimmed down, almost pretty boy take on Wolverine... I'm not a fan of it. and you could say I have good reason, or you can say I don't. It's a matter of, yeah, initially i was excited, but it seems they've made wolverine a bit too hung up on finding some sort of catharsis through some random Japanese chick( I understand this is an actual comic arc somewhere, but this take on it just kinda kills it.... in a bad way). The story is fine, and the fights are plenty violent, and even a bit spectacular if I use the term loosely.

I kinda get the same feeling with Iron Man. They turned Tony Stark from a playboy arms dealer with a motherfucker of a superweapon, into a pretty boy out for his own form of repentance. In the same case as wolverine, the story is fine, the animation and action are also fine, but what they did with these established characters kinda kills the mood.

Iron Man and Wolverine..... both of them..... eh.... 5/10

Finally, we have the anime adaptation of one of my favorite videogame series (specifically it's an adaptation of the second game..... which I haven't gotten around to playing.... ever.)

 Let me start by saying, this is not a review. This is me showing a bit of excitement over something I randomly found a little while back. I haven't been able to finish watching this series yet, but seeing as it is fairly old, it's safe to say it isn't going anywhere on my hard drive. I do need to go back and rewatch damn near all of it that i have watched. Work has turned my brain into mush!

Now that all of that madness has been put aside it's time for me to address something.... wait, what? We're out of time? how is that possible? This is a blog post, not a vlog.... oh whatever...... later readers

oh, and before i forget.... FUCK YO COUCH!!!

jeeze my brain is broken..... later


Saturday, September 17, 2011


reAlrighty, Lets start this with a disclaimer: I am not with any news organization, and i have almost nothing negative to say here(almost). Remember though folks, this blog is about me posting what i want, when I want to, and i wanted to cover this properly for a while, BUT i needed to do it right(pissing off this series' fanbase is a really quick way to get destroyed on the internet....)

Why yes it is. If you're wondering why, well, the show "My little Pony: friendship is magic" is generating a lot of buzz in various ways. Number one being the show's sometimes overzealous fanbase. Number two being the show is actually quite good. Yes, I said it is good, and believe me, it is( at least the season 2 opener was good). For a kids show, and a show centered around the core demographic of 5-10 year old girls, it's pretty hardcore....  in an almost inhuman, and even terrifying manner... (note, picture to the right is a random fanart pic of the show i found on the internet..... not an actual pic from the show, that will be there towards the end.

So, let me give you the rundown(without giving anything away), season one of the series essentially rebooted my little pony with a fresh coat of paint, and writing that was PC, but not watered down(about 90 percent of the time at least.) Season 2 opens on an incredibly dark note... and when I say dark, I mean this shit is pushing boundaries.... And it should, for season one it had a veteran of the cartoon world at the helm. Lauren Faust.

For those that don't know, Faust brought us, "Powerpuff Girls" and "Foster's home for imaginary friends", both of which, each in their very own way was it's own kind of monster. in the same respect, each series pushed boundaries in it's own way, or ways.
(to the right we have a picture of bloo from foster's home for imaginary friends....)

(and here's an actual episode of the show talked about both above and below)

Back to the actual show. Having just watched the first episode of the second season(which just recently premiered apparently), i can say, with certainty, that the show's accidental fanbase of males ages 17 to infinity, is well deserved. Superb writing, a vibrant art style, and voice actors who do one hell of a good job. It is dark, and it just gets darker, seeing as it is a kids show, and it has some sort of educational rating thingy. There is most likely a positive spin to be put on the darkness, and a lesson to be be learned by the audience. Thankfully that lesson isn't put right in your face like you're an idiot. If it is, there is writing built around that, and it works.

On to the actual fanbase. Simply put, these fuckers are dedicated. AND I MEAN DEDICATED with 3 capital D's(literally.... count them). This series in and of it's self and of it's own merits has almost literally spawned an army of fans from every walk of life. Everyone from musicians, game developers, cartoonists and animators, writers, cosplayers, and professional artists. And it grows every day.

(notable examples)
Mane 6 - A fighting game based off of mlp:fim;

equestriadaily- i've covered this site before.... last time it was when they hit 8 million page views.... this time they're at 40,000,000!

On top of all of that, the show's fanbase occasionally attempts to put forth a positive effort, and generally make things better. Unlike the dumb bitch that posted this blog post here>>>"dumb bitch's post". What is that? WHY, IT'S SOMEONE WHO THINKS THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHIGN EVER! And someone who is so psychotically analytical of a cartoon that they have to, like every other troll on the internet, RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

(seriously though, all you bronies out there are awesome! Brony readers on this site have doubled since the last post.....( ok that's just what i'm telling myself to help myself sleep at night...)

anywho, i'm done typing as i've been at this post for somewhere around 2 hours, actually reading up in the topic, and even giving a few episodes a watch to form an at least semi educated opinion on the topic. since i'm feeling generous and think this could stand to be longer(whilst my punctuation, capitalization and grammar deteriorate from overuse).... Have a picture of a humanized pinkie pie...

Is it bad that i know the characters names, yet still didn't mention any of them in the blog? oh well, time for something that fucks with twilight fans on google
note: the caption references the purple one
and, now that i'm all logic'd out and shit, and can't properly form a sentence from the jumble of.... stuff..... in my head, ima play some half life or something.... later everyone.... hope you enjoyed the read, and hope you have a good day

(holy fuck I think i've gone soft....)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time for an actual post with some actual content...

Now obviously I'm still quite bitter over Capcom canning Megaman legends 3..... and hopefully rightfully so. It's not so much even a matter that capcom cancelled yet another MegaMan game. It's Capcom cancelled what would have been the first Megaman legends game in 10 YEARS. On top of that, megaman legends is one of the few series Capcom ever offered that I have clear fond memories of, from 10 or so years ago, playing the first game.

It's fairly obvious that I am quite obsessive over this series. It's also fairly obvious that megaman legends is one of the more original megaman series. And it's fairly obvious "Crapcom" doesn't care about their (now former) fans. I can say with certainty I won't be buying Street Fighter 4, or Marvel vs Capcom 3, or any future resident evil titles... Put bluntly, capcom is dead to me, and nothing short of bringing megaman legends 3 back will put that right.(or maybe at least a rerelease of megaman legends 1 and 2 on the nintendo 3DS or something.)

Were it not for the megaman legends franchise, there's probably a good chance capcom would have gone nowhere going into the new millenium( and a good chance they would have). Hell, many see the Servbot from megaman legends as Capcom's mascot( others see beat, rush, eddy, or the original megaman as such.... but that's beside the point). The servbot is that one character that EVERYONE sees and instantly thinks... "oh hey it's a capcom game!". Hell, the servbot is to Capcom, what the moogle is to Square-enix, what sonic is to sega, what mario is to nintendo. We're just gonna let capcom throw that all away?

All that bitching aside, while there is no use in it, i still can't help dwelling on what  could have been..... because it could have been great, and given how dedicated the dev-team behind the game was, it probably would have been. thanks capcom( oh also..... i hate devil may cry *laughing maniacally* that's a capcom francise right? yeah..... i don't like it.)

and now for something completely different..... i give you..........
derpy hooves(ditzy doo?) i dunno.... good night everyone.... and to my 3 brony readers, rock on, and have a good life knowing your balls were bigger than those of all your friends! 

later everyone

aaugh september i'm old plus a music updatey thingy....

AAUGH I JUST TURNED 20 a couple days ago..... and i feel old..... like, old fart old. so old i just don't give a shit about grammar today.

so..... since i don't care..... here's the music thingy

epic midi vst setup? i has it nao XD.... oh chat speak..... what good terms we used to be on....

Back to the meat and potatoes here

I have 3 midi keyboards hooked up to my computer, all run through cantabile, cakewalk(more of a pain in the ass than a cakewalk) or DWS and controlling some random VSTi synth. ( my favorite being the TAL elec7ro synth.)

one keyboard is more of a 25 key, mini production thingie, with 8 mappable pads which could be used for control changes, notes, percussion, etc.... and 8 mappable knobs, which can be used to control various parameters on some VSTi's

the next is just a mini keyboard..... 25 keys, arpeggiator, etc

and the final is a rockband 3 pro keyboard controller hooked up through a midi-usb cable with the touch strip mapped as a pitch bend.

Obviously, being VST software, running it all live would be a pretty bad idea unless i could come up with a really hardcore computer rig(like powerful enough to run crysis 2 on max graphics).....

next step..... electribe EA-1..... IF IT EVER SHIPS!!

if not..... next step..... Novation ultranova, or korg electribe EMX 1 SD....

next step after that..... new electric drum set....(BETTER ELECTRIC DRUM SET)

i've got ideers.... great ideers...... great to me at least.... i know my mom thinks i'm nuts.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Am I Up To, Where Am I, and Who the Hell are you?

Well, it's been decided.... I'm nuts. Fuckin' crazy... Things drive me that way.... Do I let on about it? No. Quite frankly, though things may eat me up inside, I've got no real reason to take anything out on anyone. Though sometimes I want to.

actual post after the jump break

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

please no stupid speculation..... i need some me time....

The randosity blog started as a sort of hobby over a year ago... It was a really random hobby that had started up for various reasons. First and foremost I simply wanted a place to just open up and say what I need to say. In recent months it has kind of devolved into my own pseudo-philosophical ramblings on gaming, religion, music, and movies. While it will, for the foreseeable future, stay that way, I feel I just need a moment to clear my head of my own personal bullshit.

Starting off...

They say time heals all wounds, but at times I find myself bitter over those that scorned me in such a way that was a MAJOR game changer for me. I won't go into details on the who and why because I know already that some of you are reading this. It's a psychological thing I guess. I spend so much time trying to help others, trying to make others feel better, that, when I really need it, almost no one is ever there for me( save for a couple of key exceptions). But, me being me, and not wanting to cause more trouble... I bottle shit up. When I really feel shitty, I will hide it. If it's something petty, that's one thing, but my major major major issues, I just can't arse other people for help. And that's the way it's always been. Coming up in a small catholic school, where damn near everyone hated me,( kinda because i made a total ass of myself in second grade) It didn't help anything. Looking back now, I realize there are maybe 3 or 4 of any of the people I met at that school that I would really ever want any more contact with, some of which I still see on a rare basis(very rare).

Something that really kicked my ass though was high school. I was thoroughly unprepared for it. I tried so hard to fit in, to make friends, and I only made enemies. I managed to find my place with a group of like minded individuals, all of which I would gladly call my best friends through those years. The toughest part of high school, was learning the people who I thought to be my best friends long before that, would turn on me at the drop of a hat. It's not something I want to talk about... EVER. I eventually dropped out of high school.( i got a GED with a score averaging higher than the average high school graduate though, so that's something.)

It was after high school that I learned of my own social ineptitudes. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor, and it can, QUITE OFTEN, get me into trouble. And it has.... QUITE OFTEN. I have an inability to connect with most people. It's not anything so petty as a general disdain for their actions. On the contrary, I can't connect with those who find themselves so taken with what is "popular". Not those that genuinely like it, those that like it BECAUSE their friends like it.(a chart doesn't tell me what's good, my ears do) Stupid things like that drive me up a wall, and it makes me feel bad that in the past, I chewed up so many people over such closed mindedness, where i was the one without the open mind.

I do complain a lot, I bitch and moan as much if not more than the next guy. Does that mean i'm any better or worse than the next guy? no. I will spout pseudo-intelligent bullshit all day long to try to"make others see the light". And after this blog post, WHERE I AM CLEARLY INSULTING MYSELF FOR IT, I'm gonna do it some more, because, despite my own self loathe, my own contradictory statements, I ENJOY THE RANTS. They allow me to vent, to let off steam, and if you just happen to step outside your shell to experience another's life style, well, more power to ya.

THAT ALL ASIDE, I would like to personally thank you for reading my ramblings.... and to those that did read this all the way through, I thank you for listening, it means a lot... it really does...

now, it's time for a reintroduction...

My name is naithan, I'm 19, turning 20 in less than a month.
I am a lover of all things music, movies, and gaming.
I love many, but few so close to my heart as to make myself vulnerable( all of you know who you are...)
I dislike ignorance, even though i am subject to random bouts of it.
I will ramble on... .and on..... and on......( and so on and so on)
This blog is about whatever the fuck I want it to be about. So it is, and So it shall stay

here's a picture of homer in a hole....

Thank you for all reading this.... and.... for something completely different,

I love you Elly.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calling all Megaman fans!( capcom done fucked up!)

Let me start this post by flipping capcom off for starting all of this.... As far as most fans go capcom can fuck with anything they want, but when the blue bomber is involved..... CANCELING THE GAME WILL CREATE ONE MOTHERFUCKER OF A BACKLASH FROM THE FANS!

Save Megaman FB Page

As it stands I was fairly disappointed at the cancellation of "Megaman universe." BUT that game didn't really have CHILDHOOD MEMORIES attatched to it.... "Megaman Legends 3" cancelled? Well now Capcom.... you've fucked yourselves. I personally won't be buying any more capcom products if this game is never released.

"But naithan! Don't you think this is over reacting?"

No.... in fact I feel as though I should react in an even harsher manner... Especially considering the childhood memories I have tied to the "Megaman Legends" series. Those memories involve both me and my brother, and it's a pretty big slap in the face after capcom goes to a whole FUCKLOAD OF TROUBLE TO GET EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER HYPED UP ABOUT IT!... Long story short.... don't get your hopes up about the capcom game you aare waiting for.... they're just gonna cancel it on you. ALSO! CHECK OUT THE NEW CAPCOM LOGO!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A right proper "Knockhole" you are!

Don't know what knockhole means? Think of it as a more child friendly version of "Asshole."

Now to move on to the actual meat and potatoes of this blog post( sorry folks, no pictures today...).

I've never considered myself much of a hipster. Though apparently my habits and interests lean dangerously towards "hipster territory." Honestly that doesn't make much sense to me. Being a fan of nearly every fucking kind of music on the planet makes me a hipster? Or maybe it's that i'm a fan of a lot of obscure acts. I don't know honestly. ( I love led zeppelin and often follow it with deadmau5.... how does that make me a hipster?

I understand that everyone has their perspective on things, but sometimes people's perspectives can become so warped that they can't see the real side of things.( we all get that way.... I am no exception). My problem in this is that people are classifying me as something that i'd really rather not be classified as. (I understand i use the term " you probably never heard of it/them" alot.... but I atleast have a legitimate reason.... sometimes.....).

I dunno..... this was gonna be longer, then my brain dropped a cylinder....

ALSO! i'm going to try something new..... *ding* FORMSPRING!

go ahead and ask me something using the widget below!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Smashing shit?

It's pretty rare when me and my brother try to put together a big video project.... and even more rarely do we ever finish one..... this happens to be an unfinished one..... it was fun though..... hope you have fun watching


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to cover another Mau5trap artist, AND GET A GOOD FUCKING RANT IN!


Sonny Moore, AKA "skrillex" is one of the fastest growing artists in the House/ electronica/ dubstep scenes. Originally from the post hardcore rock group From First to last, he split off and began producing music under the name skrillex.

One of the most common misconceptions about his music is that he solely does dubstep music. That is false. Moore works with many types of electronic music, often fusing two or more of them into one song. Signed to DeadMau5's "Mau5Trap" label, moore brings his unique style to the label alongside Moguai and Feed Me respectively.

(this is quite honestly the worst fucking post i've ever done from an organization standpoint....) Recently Moore posted on facebook that he was concerned for anyone that uses illegal substances, or just abuse themselves in whatever manner....(no reason behind putting this here other than it just seemed cool to me that he would take that sort of standpoint...)

Now on to the rant mentioned in the title of the blog.

I have my own taste in music, if you don't like it you can kiss my ass. It bothers me that I can't listen to anything without being slapped right into some fucking stereotype ( i listen to metal therefore i am illiterate, i listen to electronica therefore i am gay, i listen to dubstep, therefore i am a drug addict.... (SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?) ) I understand if you don't like the music, but don't tell me it fucking sucks every time you hear it (my brother seems to think i hate his music when ever he shoves it down my throat.... to be honest.... if i hear Beast and the Harlot, or Life is Beautiful one more time i might just rip my own ears off... I don't hate it..... i'm just fucking sick of it).

Sometimes i just want to Kill all of you...
Back to the topic at hand. If you don't like what I like, good on ya! That's part of what makes you.... you. But if you have to go out of your way to demonstrate that you dislike my music..... you're dead to me... (saying something sucks or you hate it is far different from shutting off whatever is playing the music... ). And the same goes for passengers in my car.... whether or not I want to listen to Deadmau5, skrillex, pendulum, dream theater, or Cynic; if you touch my CD player.... i'm going to break your fucking fingers!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The government has censored this blog post for being offensive in CHINA

████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████  ████  CANADA!  ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████  

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Megaman Legends 3

If you know who that little guy to the left is, then it's obvious you've played Megaman Legends 1 or 2. Is that a good thing? Well I certainly think it is. Especially since... YEARS, after Megaman legends 2 came out, Capcom is FINALLY developing MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3!

If you are like me and have a strong sense of nostalgia that overrides your common sense, then the announcement for megaman legends 3 got you excited too... especially if you ever played either of  the first two games.  Infact I even downloaded the original megaman legends( the pc port of it) just to kinda relive my childhood, and the game is every bit as fun, funny, and occasionally scary as I remember it was. The controls took a bit of getting used to again after not playing it for over 8 years, but the gameplay still held up beautifully, even if it has a few odd graphical glitches*mainly sprite objects like lamps and trees* have these weird fuzzy edges... but the game is a direct port of the PSone original with essentially no changes whatsoever.

As for megaman legends 3 however.... it will be for the 3Ds. It saddens me a bit as I do not own a 3DS,( and the prototype version is already available in the 3DS eshop ) HOWEVER! Everything i have seen for the game looks fantastic.... Even if i don't particularly like the new character barret's looks... oh well.. for full details on EVERYTHIGN megaman legends 3 head to the Devroom blog at Capcom Unity.

Well.... I ran out of stuff to say.... so ima publish this and gtfo for a bit..... later everyone.... expect another post from me soon as i find more shit to prattle on aboutmega

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forced religion and it's effects on society. (why the westboro baptist church is so angry?)

Does that picture to the left piss you off? Well it damn well should. Why? Think about it this way: The basis of religion is to bring about a sort of peaceful unification through shared belief. HOWEVER all religion seems to do is breed hate among everyone on the planet. Which is where I come in.

I was baptized as a child. I really had no say in the matter. Not that I distrust or hate my parents for it. I genuinely thank them for the experience. My reasoning is, I tried it for a few years of my life, but ultimately it burned me out. The genuine hatred for everything that religion seems to try to spawn is what led to me renouncing my religious ties. Granted I still keep my keepsakes and bibles simply as keepsakes, or heirlooms if you will. BUT in my humble opinion, religion should not be something children are forced into. Children should be allowed to live their lives free of the shackles of belief. I speak from experience obviously.

I found it too limiting. To a devout christian, anything that isn't clearly outlined in the bible as "NOT A SIN" is something that will send you to hell instantly. The same thing goes for Baptists, jehova's witnesses, and mormons. Look at what such devout belief did to the poor fools of the "Westboro Baptist Church". They are so bitter and angry that they will picket anything that they deem a sin. Hell, I could drive by listening to Heavy metal and they would picket me. I understand there is freedom of religion, and freedom of speech going on here, But this shit is seriously out of hand. Why doesn't the government step in like they did with those college students that weren't doing anything harmful?

To the left you'll see a picture of the "Buddy Christ" from Dogma. Being a comedic and fairly lighthearted take on religion and it's various absurdities, I like this. If not simply because this image causes no harm, yet it still pisses people off for some reason.

In short. People take religion too seriously, Especially if forced into it at a young age instead of being allowed to experience it on their own. (Christ! if any of my old teachers read this they'd probably think i was crazy...)

And finally, in closing. I do renounce religion. Not out of hatred or spite, but because i felt it simply did not fit with me. I don't care what other's believe in, but don't act negatively towards me, or the way I live simply because it doesn't comply with your beliefs... That's how wars start people. Anywho, I'll say more on this later,  but for now I'm gonna put in some job applications.... later folks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

We get bored then randosity happens...
it's a joke! get it? not really? ok well on to the actual blog post

This one is going to be kept short simply because I don't want to spend 3 hours writing on how pissed at something I am... so here it is.... I've been seeing an increased amount of bullshit all over the internet about Barrack Obama.... specifically hatred towards him.... Now were it any other president i would probably join right the fuck in.... I think it's all really convenient. The economy was going to shit and we just needed someone to blame.... in comes black president... *angellic singing* PATSY! To be honest, every time he tries to do something, congress fucks him up.... And i genuinely think it's because he is black, and they all GENUINELY believe that he is mentally inferior to them all in some weird way....

The real failure is not the leader,
 but those who claim he failed
Some people even fail to realize that Obama's failings are not for a lack of trying, but for our own unwillingness to commit to new policy and actually try to bring about change. Our actions are reflected in the congress, who constantly fuck Barrack with their own bullshit.... Which really brings me to my point.... DID WE EVER GIVE THE POOR FUCKER A CHANCE?  A REAL CHANCE? We just seem to have thrown him to the wolves like he would have been alright. Our expectation is to blame. The real failure is not the leader, but those who claim he failed.

So, remember folks. He tried to give us hope. All we did was bitch and moan.

(BTW. If I see one more smear campaign against obama.... i will probably go postal... Not in patriotism.... but in rage over a man not being given a fair chance....)

This is nait.... fucking off to Canada in 2012

Monday, June 20, 2011

2000 hits? HOLY COW!

Jesus people.... two thousand hits.... count it with me... 1, 2-thousand... 2 thousand....
I'm pretty stoked now :D

Seriously though.... for reasons still not clear to me this blog started receiving somewhere over 500 hits a month... It's still a mystery.

i finished this song a few days ago.... but why the hell not.... in honor of hitting 2000 hits, here's "Once Around the Old School" by ME!

once around the old school by Naithan

btw... .for the first time ever..... I'm going to label and tag EVERY NEW POST! In the hopes of better organizing the site that is.....

WELL! it only took 13 years.....

Hail to the misogynistic king baby!
... AND DUKE NUKEM FOREVER CAME OUT! but sadly.... it's not what anyone wanted. So you can take that and gtfo if this is too long a blog for you.

Despite my disappointment I still "Hail to the King baby" because even though it was canceled like sixty times.... it still came out... that's something right? Kinda.... a really disappointed kinda. Don't get me wrong, despite my utter disgust for how this was handled, the game still has it's moments where you'll find an unexpected laugh, or a little bit of shootey goodness. Other than that it's a fairly bland game with poor graphics, twitchy control, and fairly unremarkable EVERYTHING. Given my love for Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem: Land of Babes,  I will still review this title fairly, and honestly(no pulling punches like FOX NEWS here).

 Graphics....: poor.... simply poor... I understand gearbox really just lifted the title from 3D realms' cold dead grip.... but they should have done better... A bit of a facelift would have really done the "Holsom Twins" good since their models just looked WOODEN, as did everyone else's. Duke's jump animation was just stupid, and his crouch was also underwhelming. though some of the aliens animations were fairly well realized, the rest of the game fails to really hit that well.
graphics score: 4 out of 10(not much stands out.... but at least it's not that god awful gundam game.)

she looks more wooden than Washington's teeth
 Gameplay:.... also poor. It has a few moment's of shooty goodness, but the rest of it is turret sequences, puzzles that are stupid(or even far beyond stupid) and floaty, annoying driving sections, and mindless quests that have no point whatsoever.(in one you seriously have to find a vibrator and popcorn..... i wish i was kidding...) Twitchy controls, and poor physics all over the place just kinda suck whatever enjoyment you could find in being the duke.... right the fuck back out....
Gameplay : 3 out of 10....( poor controls and mindless fetch quests with a few good parts.... still not much good though)

Story: not much of one here.... basically, the aliens are back, and they are taking the women....  and that pisses Duke off.... so what follows is a roid-rage induced "Bloodbath" with all the witty one liners, and half of the actual wit. Combine that with the maturity of a 12 year old. Oh yeah.... it's sad.... very sad.... it made me cry that they treated Duke Nukem this way. that said there are a few bits like halo jokes (Power armor is for pussies!) and jokes on what are now Memes ( DAMNIT LEEROY! ).
Story: 5 out of 10 ( in short, it sucks, but it has it's moments.... just like everything else about this abomination.)

I want this Duke back!

Sound: I won't beat around the bush here.... it blows. Just like the rest of the game, it has it's moments, but still manages to vary between underwhelming, and just TERRIBLE.
sound: 4 out of 10(again.... it sucks.... but has moments)

OVERALL: I am disappointed with this travesty. What gearbox did was something for the fans. In resurrecting, DNF Gearbox bit off more than they could chew. I know really the shittyness of the game is all 3D realm's fault(for the most part). Gearbox could have fixed it, but instead they just slapped together what is essentially a game, but one that is far worse than what it should have been. I know there was a want for the game to be top of the line, but 3D realms just shot themselves, and later gearbox, in the foot. It's sad that it turned out as it did, but i look at it this way, for everything they could have done better, they sure as shit could have done it alot worse. I really hope Gearbox does another duke and does it right..... I really want to see the King take his throne once more.... even if he is an anachronism in a "Politically correct" world... WE NEED THE DUKE AND WE NEED IT DONE RIGHT!
Overall: i'll give the game a 5 out of 10... it sucks, but it's no "thor" or "Aquaman" or "Superman 64" (ie.... despite the game's mediocrity.... it was actually playable)

Well.... it took forever.... it's here.... and it just isn't what we were expecting
 This is Naithan, signing out....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

new tune.... and merchandise?

First the tune...
one step left by Naithan
now the merch!
Generally I abhor random bloggers doing merch... but i almost want to create my own, just to have an awesome shirt... or poster, or bandana.... Shit's expensive though. But still it is a neat idea.... one I will definitely think about. maybe a shirt that says something like "I hated myself before it was mainstream" or, "so what if i'm a furry, that just means i have more friends than you"

Saturday, May 21, 2011


You know... .I just spent 2 hours mowing two lawns... that should have taken me at MOST 45 minutes(all together). But that isn't what this is about. Instead this post is just an amalgam of all the random things in my head right now....

1.This whole "end of time" thing that just happened... well, time didn't end, and I feel like kicking someone's ass. SPECIFICALLY I want to kick the ass of the dipshit who started the rumor.(seriously.... dude, if you see a black saturn outside your house... FUCKING RUN)

2. I want a deadmau5 poster... nuff said.

3. I want to kill whomever is in charge of namco/bandai/CC2 for NOT RELEASING THE LAST FUCKING .HACK// game in america....

4. I suck at call of duty...

5. If Obama is our president... something tells me they did a background check... SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE ALREADY.

6. Restless Leg Syndrome..... is BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.

7. No matter how you slice it, autocomplete on phones SUCKS ASS. I don't need ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION popping up the moment i hit E.... ( why the hell does that pop up any way? i blame google. Android is weird)

8. Playing with fire is fun..... we should give monkeys flamethrowers and see how long it takes them to burn down the forest.

and finally


Why do I post all of these weird things? Because I am weird? Because I want to? Because.... just because, that's why. I need to empty the ole brain pan now that I've passed the GED test. So if I just wasted a few minutes of your life... CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN.... nothing....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

just a short music post...

Got a couple of new tunes for everyone!

When life gives you lemons(1000 hit celebration)
When Life Gives You Lemons by Naithan

target acquired, a followup to that one ^^^^^^^^
Target Acquired by Naithan

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music, traffic, more music, and..... ponies?(oh, and a little doctor who)

As I sit here sweating my ass off I may as well do a quick blog just to unclog the old brain's gutters...(what?). Anywho, this is just an update, a rant, and something that vexes me a fair amount. NOW! Without further ado...

Starting things off:

That picture to the left is what's called an Electribe, by korg. Essentially it is an all in one workstation/ synth for making epic electronic/house/ drum and bass/ dubstep/ hardstyle music. There are 2 variations of the electribe, the E-MX1SD(pictured) and the E-SX1SD, each sporting their own different functions. The E-MX is a synth station sort of set up with various drum and synth sounds pre packaged, all you have to do is play the note :D. The E-SX is sample oriented, using pre-recorded samples to mix together a tune. Each one has it's particular advantages over the other. The E-SX's advantage is accessibility, and the E-MX's advantage is versatility.

Each one actually has a set of 2 vacuum tubes, which allow for a warmer, or more violent tone(based on what you are working on). As well as a ribbon slider/ arpegiator, allowing for more expressive control over the song you may be playing. For me, the price is a pretty big selling point... at only 500 DOLLARS through musicians friend.... man I want one!


to say it sucks would be rather irrelevent, so i'll share a picture instead...

enjoy failed semi limbo...

Allrighty, final matter of business on this post...

I'm a little scared that my little pony attracts adult males.... 
* drum roll* my little pony: friendship is magic:

( i mention a fan site in here.... just in case you are curious, here is the link  Click here to go to Equestria Daily

Someone is probably laughing at me for including this in my blog. To that I say.... IT'S MY BLOG SO FUCK OFF! Anywho, I've been seeing a disturbing amount of grown men on the internet talking about My Little Pony. Specifically they have been talking about the new television series.

So, this is what I understand. It is a kids show, the basic premise seeming more marketable towards girls, but the writing and subject matter of said show seems to have something going on that has EVERYONE watching it.  Having not actually watched it myself I don't know what all the hype is really, but seeing as their is a fan site, run by a grown man, which in only around 6 months of operation has recieved over FIVE MILLION HITS.... there is definitely something going on.

Oh wait, i know what's going on.... (even without having watched any of it) Writing. The show is centered around children of the 5- 10 range, but the writing is apparently not so overly childish that it immediately alienates all other viewers... something modern cartoons could learn from. Other than that i can say I know nothing else about the series except it is extremely popular among MANY of the people i chat with online. As for whether or not I will ever watch it to pass actual judgement on it, that's up in the air, i'm too busy catching up on various anime and classic cartoons....

oh yes, and doctor who....

 That's right, I watch doctor who, it's awesome, the end.

(seriously though, the 11th doctor, fuckin awesome. Matt Smith makes  it that much more entertaining.)

 This is naithan, wearing a fez, and saving history with a mop, a screwdriver, and a REALLY BIG BANG.(doctor who spoiler)