Sunday, January 23, 2011


So recently i've been watching more anime than usual! Which is pretty awesome for myself as I'm catching up on some older Anime that i've never seen before! Here is a run down of what I've been watching:

Up first is .hack// Sign...
 .hack// Sign follows a fairly large amount of characters, three of which it pivots around the most are Mimiru, Bear, and Tsukasa. The story centers most around Tsukasa and his inability to exit the game "The World," a huge MMO with over 20 million players and unsurpassed realism. It is eventually revealed that The Tsukasa in the game is really His consciousness, pulled into the game after some unknown event. The real Tsukasa however is stuck in a coma. The animation can be a little repetitive at points, but overall it is a good story with plenty of unexpected twists and odd revelations.... It really sucks though that the series was canceled after 28 episodes.
.hack// sign overall rating: 4/5

Next up is Spice and wolf:
Now i posted a review of the manga and novel series, both of which are expertly written and have a smart story that WILL hold your attention. The animation is fairly well done, and captures the art of the manga series quite well. The story revolves around Kraft Lawrence and Horo/Holo(depends on whether you use the literal translation, or the westernized translation) the wise wolf. Holo is a wolf... a quite gigantic one, whom has taken the form of a Human girl, about the age 15, Still though she retains her wolf ears and tail. There are plenty of interesting and unexpected twists, some parts are kinda under achieved when compared to the manga counterpart, but overall it is worth a watch.
Spice and Wolf overall rating: 5/5

Finally we have Strike Witches
I don't know much about this series but from what i have seen so far it can be one of two things, Entirely too much fanservice, or , a fairly unique take on World War II if there were aliens and girls with magical powers that use swords and guns and flying leg things.... Overall it is quite over the top, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I won't get into the story as I have only seen a couple episodes, but so far it isn't bad.

for now, Strike Witches, recieves a 4/5

There are more series i've been watching, I may cover them later...
and yes, i would reccomend all 3 of these.

Your ever Anime loving friend...

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