Saturday, January 29, 2011

Definitely not safe for children....DEFINITELY

Yeah, don't let your kids watch this, it gets worse!
So a post or two ago i spoke about anime, one of which was strike witches.... I will say it is a great anime.... BUT IT IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN! Yeah, don't let your kids watch it. Between lesbian innuendo, random groping, and extremely violent fights, it's definitely not something your kids should watch. The random nudity doesn't help that. Again it is not a bad show.... just not good for kids.

That aside my blog really isn't safe for kids either. Between random obscenities, and descriptions of certain things bordering on heavily offensive. Well, this blog isn't safe for kids, if their parents want to safeguard them from the world. If you want your kid to grow up ignorant of the problems this world faces, or what music may cause them to think as individuals they definitely shouldn't read this. But if you want your kid to know that having an opinion is better than following blindly then this is the blog you definitely want them to read! Ok so I'm not really that revolutionary. I just believe it is better for one to have an opinion.

Finally, my next blog will go out to all the younger folks out there! The subject matter is still secret at this point, but it won't be anything bad..... unless you hate yourself

This is naithan, on what might be the last blog for january, signing out!

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