Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homestuck..... an awesome comic with music which may be even more awesome!

I began reading MS Paint Adventures again recently and I must say the latest one "Homestuck" hits the ball out of the park. With often overbearing levels of WTF, creative art, and even AMAZING music.  i'll post one picture and it's caption(the website version of this pic is much bigger and is even animated!) and embed one or two songs, i will create a link or two to the site.
click HERE to go to ms paint adventures

The most recent MS paint adventures story is "Homestuck" it is sort of based off of a videogame that interacts with reality... a pretty cool concept.... but the game begins taking over reality and soon it threatens their entire world.... well it pretty much destroys their individual worlds.... they just pretty much teleport to a different world.... yay confusingness! Then the story becomes even more complicated when they drag in parts of the previous MS Paint Adventures story "problem sleuth" but it isnt a bad thing.... especially when the main character john starts flipping his shit. The story only becomes more and more confusing, mixing in cloning, time travel, alternate universes, ghosts, and a fuckload of characters it follows, each their own, fleshed out character... Many of the pages are animated, some of them are even flash cartoons and even interactive games....(a sidenote.... the comic itself is supposed to be like a choose your adventure thing.... but not really.... it all becomes apparent once you start reading)

now here's where the music comes in!

to check out the music click Here smartass!

The music at times can be serious, silly, epic, or just plain rocking! all of it is expertly written and performed as either chiptune or organic rock, metal, jazz, pop, and ambient rock. I've given most every album by the folks at What Pumpkin a listen and i must say my favorite one is Drawing Dead by Midnight Crew. A really classy jazz instrumental album with extremely well writen and performed tracks, each one it's own beast i must say.

 Now that that is over with, make sure you visit MSpaintadventures.com and check out HomeStuck. Believe me.... you'll be glad you did

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