Thursday, January 27, 2011

just woke up.... gonna hit the hay in a minute.... time for a needless update!


Lately i've been playing with a lovely little thing known as "Audiotool." If you didn't know, Audiotool is a web based music making application. It is kinda hard to explain so i'll wing it:

it starts with a master output, i suggest adding  4 or 16 track after that, then perhaps add a drum machine. you connect all the various machines, synths and mixers by dragging a "cable" from the output of one synth/machine/mixer, to the input of another one. It is much easier to operate than i make it sound.... i swear

It is pretty amazing when it comes to making techno electronic kinda music.... that's about it really.... you can use various synth emulators such as 808 and 909 drum machines, tone matrixes, 303 bass synths, 16 track mixers, 4 track mixers, splitters, mergers, faders, various effect pedals, and track automation(all pictured here, kinda)

this set up is horribly messy, but i worried more about function over form, and while it is an unorganized mess, it all works pretty well... i figure when i finish that tune i'll post the final here, in a new post


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