Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great songs you've probably never heard ( cause you were born in the mid to late 90's)

Holy SHIT the likeness is UNCANNY!
Ok I was born in the 90's too, but it seems different upbringings foster different tastes in music. But we need to learn to draw the line with what gets marketed positively. I mean apparently the music companies need to tell us how much we NEED to like lady "Gag-Gag" or Justin Bieber. Don't they make enough money off of terrible music? I honestly think music companies need to do more then pander to a specific "SCENE" and begin marketing all genres equally. If you look at it the right way, Kids will grow up with more diversified tastes in music, INSTEAD of growing up to be a bunch of lameass Gangstah wannabes. It is quite IRKSOME (see that rina? proper use and spelling of IRK... try harder when using unconventional language please!) I especially advocate music that atleast promotes using the WHOLE WORD. Not any of that stupid "wit da bois in da hood yo blah blah blah shizzle dee whizzle." Now i'm not racist.... i'm an equal opportunity hater. People will tell you I am brutally honest when it is really necessary. Incredible acts of stupidity bother me..... ok this has veered off course for long enough! back to the topic at hand! the songs!

Robert fripp... a true guitar hero
Roundabout by YES
Essentially the ultimate prog rock tune. Various stylistic shifts and displays of utterly amazing skill mark the band YES as one of the all time greats

Candy Store Rock by Led Zeppelin
A sort of fit of Elvis inspired PURE ROCK AND ROLL this song, for some odd reason still remains underplayed..

Burn by Deep Purple
 There is really no better description for this song than, is what Chuck Norris plays in his head when round house kicking random assassins in the face.

One More Red Nightmare by King Crimson
 This prog rock tune keeps you constantly entertained with it's classic rock stylings, jazzy execution and fever dream vocals.

The entire Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation album by Frank Zappa
Not a bad song in the bunch, with Zappa's passing though, music seemed to die with him.... but unlike him, it doesn't seem to want to live on in history as it should.

This was just a few songs, I am too tired and it's almost 6 in the morning.... I may do more later..... either way.... enjoy a picture of frank zappa.... or is it jesus.... OH MY GOD! FRANK ZAPPA WAS THE SECOND COMING!!!!!

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