Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music.... ugh

Muse: One of the last true innovators!
I love music, I really do. The state of the music industry? I am not a fan of it though. Everything now is manufactured(in a bad way), overly formulaic, and often rips off 5 other acts at once. I know there are a few acts that change the game in a way that pays tribute to the past and what it had to offer(musically at least).

Is it too much to ask for someone that changes up the game? I DON'T MEAN LADY GAGA OR JUSTIN BIEBER, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! I mean, the only thing Bieber did that was noteworthy in my eyes was get shot to death on CSI. Other than that he is just a cheap Aaron Carter rerun. Lady Gaga? If you look at her theatrics, her antics, EVERYTHING.... She rips off Alice Cooper, Madonna, Cher, Marilyn Manson, Peter Gabriel, Rob Zombie and all the other theatrical musicians out there... It would be one thing were she to pay homage to them.... but to blatantly rip them off, and even steal their music(chord progressions, vocal hooks, etc), we need laws to make her music illegal.
If you don't know who this is you KNOW NOTHING!

I'm not saying nothing good has come from this new generation of musicians. We have Deadmau5... the electronica artist who calls DJ's cunts(ooh dirty word dirty word run home to mommy!). He is an innovator in his field, offering a sort of progressive electronica. Kinda like techno for smart people, only it's better. Plus his various Mau5 masks are pretty cool.

Linkin Park recently came under fire about their latest album "A Thousand Suns" being too much of a stylistic departure when compared too their old works. Somebody tell me what the fuck they know?

Anywho, ima close this out with a picture of Deadmau5 simply because he's awesome.
All Glory to HypnoMau5! 

Your ever musically cynical friend

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