Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learning Learning Learning Learning

I'm not gonna lie or sugar coat it.... THIS is the HARDEST fucking tune i've made to date... While it came out in record time this track started as a learning experience that wasn't supposed to get finished.... and became a finished track...

I went with kind of an electronic house groove with Dubstep/ Hardstyle bass and am pretty happy how it came out actually. While it was a pain in the ass filtering everything right, once it was all done it was definitely worth it.... I can definitely see myself doing another one like this soon

here are a few others i've done...

cluster fuck by Naithan

S1nK by Naithan

Gravity by Naithan

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nameless(Because That's What I Chose To Call It) (a mini album by yours truly)

So i just finished a mini album i've been working on.... it's positioned to the left... in it's entirety...

Because i'm a cheap whore, you can buy it for as low as ONE DOLLAR.... unless you choose to pay higher.... have fun XD

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pit Bulls as a so called "Agressive Breed"

How could you hate this PERFECT example
How could you hate or fear a dog as adorable as the one to the left? Lots of people do apparently. Pit bulls have such an undeserved bad reputation, I find it horribly disturbing. Why are such dogs looked down upon as "Savage Beasts"? It is not the dog's fault that, for many years they have been abused, and trained as fighters. If you love and take care of your dog, your dog will love and take care of you. But many people fail to see that still. For instance, yesterday, at my GED prep course, I got into a conversation about pit bulls. The moment I say "they don't deserve the bad reputation," the woman across ffrom me starts going on and on about instinctual violence and all that ILK. IF you train and take care of your dog properly it WON'T RANDOMLY ATTACK PEOPLE. So the argument I returned was simply, "follow me home and you can see just how SAVAGE my pit bulls are." Needless to say she didn't follow me home.

 Now, I own two pit bulls, both of which are complete sweethearts. So when that ill informed woman began badmouthing Pit bulls in general, of course any self respecting animal lover would react the same way I did. I understand some people are told their whole life that "Pit Bulls are Fightin' dogs," "pit bulls are evil," pit bulls will Chew YOUR FUCKING LEG OFF." Well whomever tells someone something like that is obviously a very uneducated individual. It all boils down to the owner.... If the dog fights, it's because the owner makes it fight. If the dog pounces on you and proceeds to lick you so much you'll be sticky for a week, THEN you know the owner took care of their dog.

In closing I will say, take care of your dog, treat it with respect... AND IF YOU EVER HIT MY FUCKING DOG IN FRONT OF ME I WILL PERSONALLY SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!

thank you! GOOD NIGHT!