Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guess what time it is? TIME FOR MORE ANIME REVIEWS!

I've been on a massive DL spree lately, so I figure I may as well post a review or two before my brain melts from all the anime I've watched. Now, before I get to the actual reviews, note this, the following anime may not be safe for children, and I take no responsibility if you or anyone else are dumb enough to let children watch it.... Same goes for any children reading this, BE WARNED, THESE CARTOONS MAY RUIN YOU!

That aside let us begin

First up is Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt:

It is safe to say after viewing this anime you will want to yell "Fucking SHIT!" at EVERYONE... Believe me, it is not a bad anime, in fact it is downright hilarious. IT IS NOT SAFE FOR KIDS. Foul language, innuendo, and over the top slapstick are the norm for this japanese jab at american cartoons... The series was created by Gainax(known for Gunbuster and Neon Genesis Evangalion), so, aside from the general lazy looking art style it has occasional moments where the animation exceeds expectation(in an extremely good way)

Now, down to story, which is: aside from a few major plot points there is no overarching story between episodes. The inherent lack of story is far from a bad thing, infact, the sheer randomness is enough to keep one laughing at the antics of the Anarchy Angel Sisters: Panty (the blonde one pictured above, a complete whoreface, bitch, what have you) and Stocking( the black and pink haired one, with a massive sweet tooth and very questionable taste in men). Don't forget the Preacher Garterbelt( an apparantly gay preacher with a thing for young boys...) and chuck ( a "Zipper Dog" bearing a remarkable resemblance to Gir from INVADER ZIM). As for what all of them do... .well, they fight ghosts. Their weapons? (prepare for a laugh) Panty's panties turn into a gun.... and Stocking's stockings turn into swords(it works... trust me...) and... well, EVERYTHING EXPLODES!.

summary: While appearing lazily animated from time to time, the anime is downright HILARIOUS at all times. Which is why I score this anime quite highly.... on it's hilarity alone...
Overall rating: 9/10
 (btw... .the final episode will make you shit bricks after the credits.....)

And this one is a short update on Strike Witches.... (Still not safe for kids.... but still damn good)

I've noticed strike witches getting more and more hardcore..... but well... yea.... it's damn good...

I'm too tired to say more..... later all!

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