Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jobs, anime, and Music OH MY!

Great minds drink alike
Starting off. I recently got a job working at a rather awesome bar called "Beer Geeks" (see banner at the bottom of the page). It's a rather off center bar built around serving off center, microbrewed, or craft beer. The walls are littered with paintings of famous historical, fictitious, and REAL geniuses, smart guys, and geeks, Each of them enjoying a beer ( the painting of yoda is especially awesome!). Now, they don't serve beer like Bud, Miller, Coors, Busch, etc. Instead they serve microbrewed beers like Three Floyeds, Boulevard, Peoples, and many others. One characteristic of the place is that the tap is CONSTANTLY rotating as certain kegs run out and are swapped out with new ones filled with different kinds of beer. Every tuesday is Bluesday, as well as having a free buffet of HOME MADE authentic food of whatever type of food the owner chooses. Every saturday as well there is live entertainment. (by the way i am the bar back... .aka bus boy only more awesome)

Next.... I just lost a hard drive with FUCKInG 150 GIGABYTES OF ANIME ON IT. I am angry. Very angry. Does it matter? Not really. It was an expensive hard drive, and it sucks that I have to replace it, because that fucker was VERY expensive. (what a 500 gigabyte hard drive went for in early 2010 anywho). that's what i get for buying western digital. So i need to buy a new one. it will NOT be western digital. Thank you. (SEAGATE FOR THE MOTHERFUCKIN WIN!)

Now for a short music review!
Deadmau5 "4X4=12" really i can't think of anything else to say other than it's a really GOD DAMN FUN album, and it's VERY worth the buy, and it WILL KEEP YOU ENTERTAINED!

rating.... it doesnt need one because it's awesome

this is nait signing out.... because i need to do stuff

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