Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Mau5, Portal 2(the cake is still a LIE), and White Castle Breakfast?

Have you ever eaten breakfast at White Castle? Was it a Slider? Well today I had one of their breakfast sandwiches.... it was awesome... It used real egg instead of a frozen omlette puck thing.... It was Delicious. Like, I enjoyed it more than my first McGriddle, which was awesome, EXTREMELY AWESOME. So, White Castle! I approve of your delicious deliciousness.... may it stay delicious as long as it can stay PROPERLY pronounced in the english language.

Next, Portal 2 review:

The original portal was a critically acclaimed masterpiece of puzzle and FPS gaming. Built around using portals to solve various puzzles, Portal 2 expands on the groundwork the original laid and manages to innovate, captivate, and entertain all the way to the very end. The gameplay consists of some standard FPS fare in terms of controls, but from there it manages to become an entirely new beast.

Built around the concept of "thinking with portals" that valve laid in the original Portal, Portal 2 manages to find more and more new ways to keep you guessing. Whether by throwing in "light bridges" or "excursion funnels" early in the game, or the Repulsion, propulsion, and conversion Gels later on, Valve gives you countless opportunities to experiment to find the solution to your puzzle, or just screw around with infinite loops.

Co op mode expands on this premise even further by adding in a second set of portals and setting the players as 2 robots: P-body, who appears to be a modified turret, and Atlas, which appears to be a modified personality core. The puzzle solving requires teamwork and communication, and is quite often incredibly satisfying upon the completion of a particularly difficult puzzle.

In terms of graphics:

The game is pretty, even on a near decade old game engine. The animations in the game are often truly something to behold as many of the game's larger set pieces are quite spectacular. So spectacular in fact that that some effects such as Glad0s reassembling in the beginning of the game, or even the crushing/imploding neurotoxin generator going south will often leave your jaw on the floor. Wheatley in particular is quite well animated. While essentially just a talking metal ball, the team at valve went the extra mile in terms of making sure that metal ball was nearly as expressive as a human could be.


The sound design and music in this game are truly something to behold and quite often set the mood so well you may occasionally forget that portal is just a game. Helping to convey the current situation in the game at all times, whether it should be creepy, frantic, or even a tad silly, It will not disappoint.


The writing in this game is once again typical, topnotch Valve Fare. The writing is often hilarious, and always manages to help keep you immersed. Wheatley and Glad0s are both perfectly realized in terms of dialogue and voice acting. ( i will not divulge anything else about the story other than it is absolutely worth it to play through single player MULTIPLE times)

-Great graphics
-Well written dialogue
-Amazing animations
-Smart level design that encourages thought.
-Co op mode is fantastic
-Single player mode is incredibly short
- Portal physics occasionally go out of whack
-there aren't enough negatives... this game is that good

Overall i give the game a 10 out of 10.
Valve has outdone themselves, and portal 2 is the new posterchild for animation, level design, and puzzle gaming.

Time for some Mau5:

Finally, I came across a facebook post by Deadmau5. It explains why he will not be doing any shows in japan. Now at first I said "douchebag". Well until i read it. I then realized he wants to wait till everyone is back on their feet. Till everything is cleaned up, fixed, repaired, whatever, or however you want to put it. He doesn't want to bum out his fans that can't go because the earthquake and tsunami affected them, instead optting to wait till things are better so he can have a nice gift for his fans....(best way i could put it). Interesting side note, he Auctioned off his "Diamonte" Mau5 head and donated all proceeds to japan.

Now that i've finished saying what i had to say, I'ma go play DJ hero or something.... only had it about a week and already playing on expert!

This is Nait
(or as my buddy jimbo calls me.... "DJ Randosity")


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