Saturday, May 21, 2011


You know... .I just spent 2 hours mowing two lawns... that should have taken me at MOST 45 minutes(all together). But that isn't what this is about. Instead this post is just an amalgam of all the random things in my head right now....

1.This whole "end of time" thing that just happened... well, time didn't end, and I feel like kicking someone's ass. SPECIFICALLY I want to kick the ass of the dipshit who started the rumor.(seriously.... dude, if you see a black saturn outside your house... FUCKING RUN)

2. I want a deadmau5 poster... nuff said.

3. I want to kill whomever is in charge of namco/bandai/CC2 for NOT RELEASING THE LAST FUCKING .HACK// game in america....

4. I suck at call of duty...

5. If Obama is our president... something tells me they did a background check... SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE ALREADY.

6. Restless Leg Syndrome..... is BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.

7. No matter how you slice it, autocomplete on phones SUCKS ASS. I don't need ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION popping up the moment i hit E.... ( why the hell does that pop up any way? i blame google. Android is weird)

8. Playing with fire is fun..... we should give monkeys flamethrowers and see how long it takes them to burn down the forest.

and finally


Why do I post all of these weird things? Because I am weird? Because I want to? Because.... just because, that's why. I need to empty the ole brain pan now that I've passed the GED test. So if I just wasted a few minutes of your life... CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN.... nothing....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

just a short music post...

Got a couple of new tunes for everyone!

When life gives you lemons(1000 hit celebration)
When Life Gives You Lemons by Naithan

target acquired, a followup to that one ^^^^^^^^
Target Acquired by Naithan

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music, traffic, more music, and..... ponies?(oh, and a little doctor who)

As I sit here sweating my ass off I may as well do a quick blog just to unclog the old brain's gutters...(what?). Anywho, this is just an update, a rant, and something that vexes me a fair amount. NOW! Without further ado...

Starting things off:

That picture to the left is what's called an Electribe, by korg. Essentially it is an all in one workstation/ synth for making epic electronic/house/ drum and bass/ dubstep/ hardstyle music. There are 2 variations of the electribe, the E-MX1SD(pictured) and the E-SX1SD, each sporting their own different functions. The E-MX is a synth station sort of set up with various drum and synth sounds pre packaged, all you have to do is play the note :D. The E-SX is sample oriented, using pre-recorded samples to mix together a tune. Each one has it's particular advantages over the other. The E-SX's advantage is accessibility, and the E-MX's advantage is versatility.

Each one actually has a set of 2 vacuum tubes, which allow for a warmer, or more violent tone(based on what you are working on). As well as a ribbon slider/ arpegiator, allowing for more expressive control over the song you may be playing. For me, the price is a pretty big selling point... at only 500 DOLLARS through musicians friend.... man I want one!


to say it sucks would be rather irrelevent, so i'll share a picture instead...

enjoy failed semi limbo...

Allrighty, final matter of business on this post...

I'm a little scared that my little pony attracts adult males.... 
* drum roll* my little pony: friendship is magic:

( i mention a fan site in here.... just in case you are curious, here is the link  Click here to go to Equestria Daily

Someone is probably laughing at me for including this in my blog. To that I say.... IT'S MY BLOG SO FUCK OFF! Anywho, I've been seeing a disturbing amount of grown men on the internet talking about My Little Pony. Specifically they have been talking about the new television series.

So, this is what I understand. It is a kids show, the basic premise seeming more marketable towards girls, but the writing and subject matter of said show seems to have something going on that has EVERYONE watching it.  Having not actually watched it myself I don't know what all the hype is really, but seeing as their is a fan site, run by a grown man, which in only around 6 months of operation has recieved over FIVE MILLION HITS.... there is definitely something going on.

Oh wait, i know what's going on.... (even without having watched any of it) Writing. The show is centered around children of the 5- 10 range, but the writing is apparently not so overly childish that it immediately alienates all other viewers... something modern cartoons could learn from. Other than that i can say I know nothing else about the series except it is extremely popular among MANY of the people i chat with online. As for whether or not I will ever watch it to pass actual judgement on it, that's up in the air, i'm too busy catching up on various anime and classic cartoons....

oh yes, and doctor who....

 That's right, I watch doctor who, it's awesome, the end.

(seriously though, the 11th doctor, fuckin awesome. Matt Smith makes  it that much more entertaining.)

 This is naithan, wearing a fez, and saving history with a mop, a screwdriver, and a REALLY BIG BANG.(doctor who spoiler)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama bin RamaLlamaDingdong is dead!

 [DISCLAIMER] This blog post may contain words that may be seen as offensive by the likes of Politicians, most americans, or anyone without a brain or sense of humor![/DISCLAIMER]
Don't say i didn't warn ya

  (note, As is usual I tried to inject my own brand of comedy into this, be it a serious topic or not.... Who really wants to read another political blowhard's take on it? )  

Now first things first... yes I have a strong dislike for my own country. It's not hatred, infact it's far from it. I dislike America based on the fucking idiots that run it, the fucking idiots that live here(myself included), and the general attitude Americans have about the rest of the world. Frankly, we are snobs, assholes, and various other profanities.

But I will say for the first time in years that I am proud to be an american. "Why?" you may ask. Well, because we just fucking capped Osama bin Laden! It's about time our country did something right that wasn't fucking over brittain(or france, or the indians, or any other dick moves we may have made to get where we are).

"If Bush were dead, he'd be rolling in his grave that Barack Obama beat him to the punch"

In short I am saying, despite my general disdain for politics, and just about anything america related, I am quite proud of our government for the first time since we lynched Sadaam's crusty ass. And, on top of all of that, I am proud of my choice to support Barack Obama, rather than that "Bridge troll" John McCain, or "miss manjaw" sarah palin.(i'm not even gonna bring up hillary clinton.... Bill was awesome, Hillary would not be...)

(I REITERATE: note, As is usual I tried to inject my own brand of comedy into this, be it a serious topic or not.... Who really wants to read another political blowhard's take on it? )