Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forced religion and it's effects on society. (why the westboro baptist church is so angry?)

Does that picture to the left piss you off? Well it damn well should. Why? Think about it this way: The basis of religion is to bring about a sort of peaceful unification through shared belief. HOWEVER all religion seems to do is breed hate among everyone on the planet. Which is where I come in.

I was baptized as a child. I really had no say in the matter. Not that I distrust or hate my parents for it. I genuinely thank them for the experience. My reasoning is, I tried it for a few years of my life, but ultimately it burned me out. The genuine hatred for everything that religion seems to try to spawn is what led to me renouncing my religious ties. Granted I still keep my keepsakes and bibles simply as keepsakes, or heirlooms if you will. BUT in my humble opinion, religion should not be something children are forced into. Children should be allowed to live their lives free of the shackles of belief. I speak from experience obviously.

I found it too limiting. To a devout christian, anything that isn't clearly outlined in the bible as "NOT A SIN" is something that will send you to hell instantly. The same thing goes for Baptists, jehova's witnesses, and mormons. Look at what such devout belief did to the poor fools of the "Westboro Baptist Church". They are so bitter and angry that they will picket anything that they deem a sin. Hell, I could drive by listening to Heavy metal and they would picket me. I understand there is freedom of religion, and freedom of speech going on here, But this shit is seriously out of hand. Why doesn't the government step in like they did with those college students that weren't doing anything harmful?

To the left you'll see a picture of the "Buddy Christ" from Dogma. Being a comedic and fairly lighthearted take on religion and it's various absurdities, I like this. If not simply because this image causes no harm, yet it still pisses people off for some reason.

In short. People take religion too seriously, Especially if forced into it at a young age instead of being allowed to experience it on their own. (Christ! if any of my old teachers read this they'd probably think i was crazy...)

And finally, in closing. I do renounce religion. Not out of hatred or spite, but because i felt it simply did not fit with me. I don't care what other's believe in, but don't act negatively towards me, or the way I live simply because it doesn't comply with your beliefs... That's how wars start people. Anywho, I'll say more on this later,  but for now I'm gonna put in some job applications.... later folks!

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  1. Well said, My thoughts exactly.

    I spent years hating on religion. Telling everyone how stupid and aweful it was. Which it is in some respects, but everything is a little stupid and aweful at times. I mean look at Charlie Sheen he went from Platoon to Two and a Half Men.

    Religion is good for those who want it, but don't get upset because I don't. It's supposed to be about love and acceptence isn't it.