Monday, June 27, 2011

We get bored then randosity happens...
it's a joke! get it? not really? ok well on to the actual blog post

This one is going to be kept short simply because I don't want to spend 3 hours writing on how pissed at something I am... so here it is.... I've been seeing an increased amount of bullshit all over the internet about Barrack Obama.... specifically hatred towards him.... Now were it any other president i would probably join right the fuck in.... I think it's all really convenient. The economy was going to shit and we just needed someone to blame.... in comes black president... *angellic singing* PATSY! To be honest, every time he tries to do something, congress fucks him up.... And i genuinely think it's because he is black, and they all GENUINELY believe that he is mentally inferior to them all in some weird way....

The real failure is not the leader,
 but those who claim he failed
Some people even fail to realize that Obama's failings are not for a lack of trying, but for our own unwillingness to commit to new policy and actually try to bring about change. Our actions are reflected in the congress, who constantly fuck Barrack with their own bullshit.... Which really brings me to my point.... DID WE EVER GIVE THE POOR FUCKER A CHANCE?  A REAL CHANCE? We just seem to have thrown him to the wolves like he would have been alright. Our expectation is to blame. The real failure is not the leader, but those who claim he failed.

So, remember folks. He tried to give us hope. All we did was bitch and moan.

(BTW. If I see one more smear campaign against obama.... i will probably go postal... Not in patriotism.... but in rage over a man not being given a fair chance....)

This is nait.... fucking off to Canada in 2012

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