Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calling all Megaman fans!( capcom done fucked up!)

Let me start this post by flipping capcom off for starting all of this.... As far as most fans go capcom can fuck with anything they want, but when the blue bomber is involved..... CANCELING THE GAME WILL CREATE ONE MOTHERFUCKER OF A BACKLASH FROM THE FANS!

Save Megaman FB Page

As it stands I was fairly disappointed at the cancellation of "Megaman universe." BUT that game didn't really have CHILDHOOD MEMORIES attatched to it.... "Megaman Legends 3" cancelled? Well now Capcom.... you've fucked yourselves. I personally won't be buying any more capcom products if this game is never released.

"But naithan! Don't you think this is over reacting?"

No.... in fact I feel as though I should react in an even harsher manner... Especially considering the childhood memories I have tied to the "Megaman Legends" series. Those memories involve both me and my brother, and it's a pretty big slap in the face after capcom goes to a whole FUCKLOAD OF TROUBLE TO GET EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER HYPED UP ABOUT IT!... Long story short.... don't get your hopes up about the capcom game you aare waiting for.... they're just gonna cancel it on you. ALSO! CHECK OUT THE NEW CAPCOM LOGO!

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