Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A right proper "Knockhole" you are!

Don't know what knockhole means? Think of it as a more child friendly version of "Asshole."

Now to move on to the actual meat and potatoes of this blog post( sorry folks, no pictures today...).

I've never considered myself much of a hipster. Though apparently my habits and interests lean dangerously towards "hipster territory." Honestly that doesn't make much sense to me. Being a fan of nearly every fucking kind of music on the planet makes me a hipster? Or maybe it's that i'm a fan of a lot of obscure acts. I don't know honestly. ( I love led zeppelin and often follow it with deadmau5.... how does that make me a hipster?

I understand that everyone has their perspective on things, but sometimes people's perspectives can become so warped that they can't see the real side of things.( we all get that way.... I am no exception). My problem in this is that people are classifying me as something that i'd really rather not be classified as. (I understand i use the term " you probably never heard of it/them" alot.... but I atleast have a legitimate reason.... sometimes.....).

I dunno..... this was gonna be longer, then my brain dropped a cylinder....

ALSO! i'm going to try something new..... *ding* FORMSPRING!

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