Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to cover another Mau5trap artist, AND GET A GOOD FUCKING RANT IN!


Sonny Moore, AKA "skrillex" is one of the fastest growing artists in the House/ electronica/ dubstep scenes. Originally from the post hardcore rock group From First to last, he split off and began producing music under the name skrillex.

One of the most common misconceptions about his music is that he solely does dubstep music. That is false. Moore works with many types of electronic music, often fusing two or more of them into one song. Signed to DeadMau5's "Mau5Trap" label, moore brings his unique style to the label alongside Moguai and Feed Me respectively.

(this is quite honestly the worst fucking post i've ever done from an organization standpoint....) Recently Moore posted on facebook that he was concerned for anyone that uses illegal substances, or just abuse themselves in whatever manner....(no reason behind putting this here other than it just seemed cool to me that he would take that sort of standpoint...)

Now on to the rant mentioned in the title of the blog.

I have my own taste in music, if you don't like it you can kiss my ass. It bothers me that I can't listen to anything without being slapped right into some fucking stereotype ( i listen to metal therefore i am illiterate, i listen to electronica therefore i am gay, i listen to dubstep, therefore i am a drug addict.... (SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?) ) I understand if you don't like the music, but don't tell me it fucking sucks every time you hear it (my brother seems to think i hate his music when ever he shoves it down my throat.... to be honest.... if i hear Beast and the Harlot, or Life is Beautiful one more time i might just rip my own ears off... I don't hate it..... i'm just fucking sick of it).

Sometimes i just want to Kill all of you...
Back to the topic at hand. If you don't like what I like, good on ya! That's part of what makes you.... you. But if you have to go out of your way to demonstrate that you dislike my music..... you're dead to me... (saying something sucks or you hate it is far different from shutting off whatever is playing the music... ). And the same goes for passengers in my car.... whether or not I want to listen to Deadmau5, skrillex, pendulum, dream theater, or Cynic; if you touch my CD player.... i'm going to break your fucking fingers!

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