Thursday, September 8, 2011

aaugh september i'm old plus a music updatey thingy....

AAUGH I JUST TURNED 20 a couple days ago..... and i feel old..... like, old fart old. so old i just don't give a shit about grammar today.

so..... since i don't care..... here's the music thingy

epic midi vst setup? i has it nao XD.... oh chat speak..... what good terms we used to be on....

Back to the meat and potatoes here

I have 3 midi keyboards hooked up to my computer, all run through cantabile, cakewalk(more of a pain in the ass than a cakewalk) or DWS and controlling some random VSTi synth. ( my favorite being the TAL elec7ro synth.)

one keyboard is more of a 25 key, mini production thingie, with 8 mappable pads which could be used for control changes, notes, percussion, etc.... and 8 mappable knobs, which can be used to control various parameters on some VSTi's

the next is just a mini keyboard..... 25 keys, arpeggiator, etc

and the final is a rockband 3 pro keyboard controller hooked up through a midi-usb cable with the touch strip mapped as a pitch bend.

Obviously, being VST software, running it all live would be a pretty bad idea unless i could come up with a really hardcore computer rig(like powerful enough to run crysis 2 on max graphics).....

next step..... electribe EA-1..... IF IT EVER SHIPS!!

if not..... next step..... Novation ultranova, or korg electribe EMX 1 SD....

next step after that..... new electric drum set....(BETTER ELECTRIC DRUM SET)

i've got ideers.... great ideers...... great to me at least.... i know my mom thinks i'm nuts.....

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