Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, i haven't done an anime post in a long while!

Yeah it has been a while since my last anime centric post hasn't it? Well now i'm going to remedy that with a list of the random shit i've been watching lately. In this post you'll read about wolves, the supernatural, 2 washed up superheroes, and a space opera from the 90's ( all of which have been around a while.... i'm just now getting to watch them).

First up in the list is Wolf's Rain. Simply put it's a tail of 4 wolves, searching for paradise. The actual story runs much deeper than that, essentially spinning it's own mythos into something much larger than "Just a story." Humans are descendants of the wolves, yet persecute them in fear. In order to eke out a living wolves must assume the form of a human (albeit in image only.) The plot constantly builds with twist after twist after what you think is a plot hole is really found out to be some bit of exposition, or an expansion of the series' already well laid story.

That all said, despite the superb story, and great animation, the series does have a few drawbacks, all of which are small in my eyes. Some characters can get annoying as hell, but that's the case with every series ever, so it's still passable. Others sadly seem one dimensional, but in a manner that is conducive to the plot. In the end everything seems to be a one sided battle.... meaning the wolves against the world. Despite these minor short comings... and the four or five filler "recap"episodes towards the middle, the series manages to stay strong with good animation, a great score, great writing, and characters, that despite being wolves, feel human.

Oh fuck, I gotta do a rating system don't I? eh..... i'd say.... 8/10

OK! The next 3 series were animated by MADHOUSE..... (at least I think they were).

Starting off the list of "MADHOUSE" anime is Supernatural. Seeing as I get a bit of hate mail for not reading up properly on some stuff I know some idiot is sitting at home going "oh this fucking moron doesn't know that supernatural is actually a live action series on THE CW, hurr hurr." Shut the fuck up. This is an animated adaptation of the first couple of seasons of the live action series(with a few original stories here or there.)

Being from studio MADHOUSE, the animation is top-notch, as you'd expect it to be, even if most of the women in the series look damn near exactly the same... It seems as though the animators made Dean just a little too.... happy, or maybe i didn't pay enough attention to the live action series. As for voice acting, it's kinda the same case as wolf's rain, if a little worse( ok.... most side characters are fucking annoying.) Sam is voiced by the actual actor that played him in the live action series..... Dean however is not(for the most part). His actual actor does step in for a few episodes here or there, but other than that, it's a different voice actor, that sounds a bit like he's trying too hard.  From a story point... .well, if you knew what went on in the first couple of seasons of the live action series, for the most part you'll know what went on here, so draw your own conclusions.

and the rating.... eh.... 7/10

the next 2 I will review together since they are kinda from the same universe....

 Iron Man, and Wolverine. Initially I was excited for both of these series, but they kinda disappoint. Again, animated by MADHOUSE, the animation is superb for the most part, Iron Man is especially convincing, but the slimmed down, almost pretty boy take on Wolverine... I'm not a fan of it. and you could say I have good reason, or you can say I don't. It's a matter of, yeah, initially i was excited, but it seems they've made wolverine a bit too hung up on finding some sort of catharsis through some random Japanese chick( I understand this is an actual comic arc somewhere, but this take on it just kinda kills it.... in a bad way). The story is fine, and the fights are plenty violent, and even a bit spectacular if I use the term loosely.

I kinda get the same feeling with Iron Man. They turned Tony Stark from a playboy arms dealer with a motherfucker of a superweapon, into a pretty boy out for his own form of repentance. In the same case as wolverine, the story is fine, the animation and action are also fine, but what they did with these established characters kinda kills the mood.

Iron Man and Wolverine..... both of them..... eh.... 5/10

Finally, we have the anime adaptation of one of my favorite videogame series (specifically it's an adaptation of the second game..... which I haven't gotten around to playing.... ever.)

 Let me start by saying, this is not a review. This is me showing a bit of excitement over something I randomly found a little while back. I haven't been able to finish watching this series yet, but seeing as it is fairly old, it's safe to say it isn't going anywhere on my hard drive. I do need to go back and rewatch damn near all of it that i have watched. Work has turned my brain into mush!

Now that all of that madness has been put aside it's time for me to address something.... wait, what? We're out of time? how is that possible? This is a blog post, not a vlog.... oh whatever...... later readers

oh, and before i forget.... FUCK YO COUCH!!!

jeeze my brain is broken..... later


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