Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time for an actual post with some actual content...

Now obviously I'm still quite bitter over Capcom canning Megaman legends 3..... and hopefully rightfully so. It's not so much even a matter that capcom cancelled yet another MegaMan game. It's Capcom cancelled what would have been the first Megaman legends game in 10 YEARS. On top of that, megaman legends is one of the few series Capcom ever offered that I have clear fond memories of, from 10 or so years ago, playing the first game.

It's fairly obvious that I am quite obsessive over this series. It's also fairly obvious that megaman legends is one of the more original megaman series. And it's fairly obvious "Crapcom" doesn't care about their (now former) fans. I can say with certainty I won't be buying Street Fighter 4, or Marvel vs Capcom 3, or any future resident evil titles... Put bluntly, capcom is dead to me, and nothing short of bringing megaman legends 3 back will put that right.(or maybe at least a rerelease of megaman legends 1 and 2 on the nintendo 3DS or something.)

Were it not for the megaman legends franchise, there's probably a good chance capcom would have gone nowhere going into the new millenium( and a good chance they would have). Hell, many see the Servbot from megaman legends as Capcom's mascot( others see beat, rush, eddy, or the original megaman as such.... but that's beside the point). The servbot is that one character that EVERYONE sees and instantly thinks... "oh hey it's a capcom game!". Hell, the servbot is to Capcom, what the moogle is to Square-enix, what sonic is to sega, what mario is to nintendo. We're just gonna let capcom throw that all away?

All that bitching aside, while there is no use in it, i still can't help dwelling on what  could have been..... because it could have been great, and given how dedicated the dev-team behind the game was, it probably would have been. thanks capcom( oh also..... i hate devil may cry *laughing maniacally* that's a capcom francise right? yeah..... i don't like it.)

and now for something completely different..... i give you..........
derpy hooves(ditzy doo?) i dunno.... good night everyone.... and to my 3 brony readers, rock on, and have a good life knowing your balls were bigger than those of all your friends! 

later everyone

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