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reAlrighty, Lets start this with a disclaimer: I am not with any news organization, and i have almost nothing negative to say here(almost). Remember though folks, this blog is about me posting what i want, when I want to, and i wanted to cover this properly for a while, BUT i needed to do it right(pissing off this series' fanbase is a really quick way to get destroyed on the internet....)

Why yes it is. If you're wondering why, well, the show "My little Pony: friendship is magic" is generating a lot of buzz in various ways. Number one being the show's sometimes overzealous fanbase. Number two being the show is actually quite good. Yes, I said it is good, and believe me, it is( at least the season 2 opener was good). For a kids show, and a show centered around the core demographic of 5-10 year old girls, it's pretty hardcore....  in an almost inhuman, and even terrifying manner... (note, picture to the right is a random fanart pic of the show i found on the internet..... not an actual pic from the show, that will be there towards the end.

So, let me give you the rundown(without giving anything away), season one of the series essentially rebooted my little pony with a fresh coat of paint, and writing that was PC, but not watered down(about 90 percent of the time at least.) Season 2 opens on an incredibly dark note... and when I say dark, I mean this shit is pushing boundaries.... And it should, for season one it had a veteran of the cartoon world at the helm. Lauren Faust.

For those that don't know, Faust brought us, "Powerpuff Girls" and "Foster's home for imaginary friends", both of which, each in their very own way was it's own kind of monster. in the same respect, each series pushed boundaries in it's own way, or ways.
(to the right we have a picture of bloo from foster's home for imaginary friends....)

(and here's an actual episode of the show talked about both above and below)

Back to the actual show. Having just watched the first episode of the second season(which just recently premiered apparently), i can say, with certainty, that the show's accidental fanbase of males ages 17 to infinity, is well deserved. Superb writing, a vibrant art style, and voice actors who do one hell of a good job. It is dark, and it just gets darker, seeing as it is a kids show, and it has some sort of educational rating thingy. There is most likely a positive spin to be put on the darkness, and a lesson to be be learned by the audience. Thankfully that lesson isn't put right in your face like you're an idiot. If it is, there is writing built around that, and it works.

On to the actual fanbase. Simply put, these fuckers are dedicated. AND I MEAN DEDICATED with 3 capital D's(literally.... count them). This series in and of it's self and of it's own merits has almost literally spawned an army of fans from every walk of life. Everyone from musicians, game developers, cartoonists and animators, writers, cosplayers, and professional artists. And it grows every day.

(notable examples)
Mane 6 - A fighting game based off of mlp:fim;

equestriadaily- i've covered this site before.... last time it was when they hit 8 million page views.... this time they're at 40,000,000!

On top of all of that, the show's fanbase occasionally attempts to put forth a positive effort, and generally make things better. Unlike the dumb bitch that posted this blog post here>>>"dumb bitch's post". What is that? WHY, IT'S SOMEONE WHO THINKS THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHIGN EVER! And someone who is so psychotically analytical of a cartoon that they have to, like every other troll on the internet, RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

(seriously though, all you bronies out there are awesome! Brony readers on this site have doubled since the last post.....( ok that's just what i'm telling myself to help myself sleep at night...)

anywho, i'm done typing as i've been at this post for somewhere around 2 hours, actually reading up in the topic, and even giving a few episodes a watch to form an at least semi educated opinion on the topic. since i'm feeling generous and think this could stand to be longer(whilst my punctuation, capitalization and grammar deteriorate from overuse).... Have a picture of a humanized pinkie pie...

Is it bad that i know the characters names, yet still didn't mention any of them in the blog? oh well, time for something that fucks with twilight fans on google
note: the caption references the purple one
and, now that i'm all logic'd out and shit, and can't properly form a sentence from the jumble of.... stuff..... in my head, ima play some half life or something.... later everyone.... hope you enjoyed the read, and hope you have a good day

(holy fuck I think i've gone soft....)

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