Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deadmau5 and parties and pot brownies OH MY!

  .... Why I felt so inclined to title this post like that, only my caffeine addled brain will know(Hurr hurr just like tootsie pops!)

 This post has nothing to do with Pot brownies, sorry for the stoners that found this on google. However, this has almost everything to do with how my cousin Sarina and I went to see Deadmau5's "Meowingtons Hax Tour" on October 23rd. 

As I write this post, I will listen to only Deadmau5, so everytime the song changes, I will note that.

Starting off with "Aural Psynapse"

The ride to the show was quick, even accounting for a couple of "Chicago traffic jams." We turned a 1 hour drive into a 45 minute drive... with a fair bit of speeding. Once we made it into the city and found parking(in a rather shady lot), things smoothed out a bit. However, it was fairly uneventful, until we got to the actual venue, and saw NOBODY outside. 
now playing: I remember

 Needless to say, the sight of the line, or apparent lack thereof, was a bit disconcerting. So the two of us headed up to the door, where we were promptly stopped by a guard who told us the line started to the left of the building. One block later we found the start of the line.... and OH WHAT A FUCKING LINE IT WAS.... stretching between several buildings, a CTA overpass, a loading dock with a few bums, and a convenience store. That sight made the original "lack of a line" thought seem like a silly concept. And, well, It's Deadmau5, Excision, and Feed ME, WHY WOULDN'T THERE BE A LINE?

now playing: FML

 30 or so minutes after finding the end of the line, they finally started letting people in, which became a complication as they split the line into males and females. Well, not so much a complication as a minor annoyance as the next 5 minutes was spent with me trying to find my cousin. As soon as she was found we made our way into the ballroom.

I honestly feel kinda bad as I don't have any photos of the first artists.... nor do I know their names. If anyone was at the Aragon Ballroom on October 23rd, 2011, and knows who they were, I would be really grateful so I could give credit for their downright awesomeness.

now playing: Ghosts 'n' Stuff(nero remix)

Next up came Feed Me, with an ultra energetic set of Electro, trance, dubstep, and even dropping a few other artist's tunes. With live visuals that were quirky, and quite entertaining, as well as music that actually kept the crowd going on, Feed Me was when the night really started, and was Indicative of what was still to come.

 Following  Feed Me was EXCISION. Sarina( who is my cousin, for those of you who are so retarded as to have already forgotten who she is) said after the show that Excision was her favorite act there. It's not hard to see why. Between the heart-stopping bass drops, heavy beats, and even a remix of a slayer song, Excision was certainly a powerhouse. But, for me, the best part was still to come.

now playing: Raise Your Weapon(noisia remix)

Not long after Excision concluded his set, Deadmau5's set opened up with "Where My Keys" and the entire room became a massive pit of dance, flying glowsticks, and people spilling beer on my pants... That said, when the actual light show kicked in, when the curtain dropped, and when the "Cube" lit up, the crow went even crazier. Eventually, Sofi stepped out on stage, immediately belting out the tracks "SOFI Needs a Ladder," and "One Trick Pony" as only she can.

 at the very end of the show, the screen flashed "Game Over" and, without a word, the Mau5 left the stage.

Now that my journal of what happened has come to an end, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures after this.

Remember folks... SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! ~Naithan

now playing: HR 8938 Cephei

thanks for reading

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