Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you're not religious, why do you celebrate religious holidays?

A few years back, I fell out of love with the whole religion thing. It wasn't in an attempt to seem cool among my new friends in high school, not in the slightest. To be honest, I found greater reason in science than religion. Not that religion shouldn't exist, or that having "faith" is bad, but I see no reason why people should carry out horrible atrocities in the name of a "god" that may simply not exist. At the same time, the reason I fell out of love with it, was not these atrocities, it was a want of reason, explanations, and a reasonable skepticism towards things and people that simply expect me to follow their point of view.

Having said all that, I did not simply shrug off belief in "god", or rather some at least potential omniscient overseer. Instead I acknowledge the possibility of their existence, but see no reason to devote my life to such a being. Instead I've come to possess a sense of open-mindedness, allowing myself to be open to all possibilities, no matter how absurd, or initially unappealing they may be.

Where does this factor into why I celebrate religious holidays, without actually being religious?

Honestly, it's a one word answer... "Family." 

I love to spend time with my family, and I don't need a book written over 2 Millenia ago. At the same time, I don't need to follow a religious custom to simply enjoy the holidays. Instead of celebrating Jesus' birth, I celebrate simply having people in my life. It's a simple concept. Besides, Christmas is so all-encompassing now, you could celebrate it for damn near anything. Presents, family, good food, the birth of your savior, or just chilling by the fire with the person, or persons you love most, all of them are acceptable, none of them are wrong.

I honestly wanted to elaborate on this a bit more thoroughly, but the simple truth is, I don't need to. If you celebrate christmas, do it right. Don't just kiss a dead guy's feet, give your family a hug, and be thankful for what really matters, for the people that you love, and that love you the most.

Merry late Christmas everyone, and have a happy new year


Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is why some people should consider abortion

--Reply to your comment on: SebastiAn 'Love In Motion' ft. Mayer Hawthorne (Skrillex's Funkt-Out Remix)--
"@TheNaitsrandosity dude thats obvious it symbolizes his selfsteem and ego,but its a fucking fag pic,a man with ennough manhood would'nt accept such a disgusting photo the action itself is disgusting and homosexual ,it can symbolize my dick inside your virgin ass or the hunger in africa but its a disturbing gay image ,plus my iq is 130 ,i bet im totally moar intellingent than you ,plus im an epic kickboxing fighter and a real alpha male that scores pussy and any chick i want,,so,dumbas ejoy urfag"

Normally I don't give stock to blatant idiocy like this, but in this case an exception will be made. What we have here is a narcissistic "genius" who clearly believes getting laid is proof of one's manhood. What is disturbing here, is the "man" that sent me this comment claimed a metaphor of an artists ego(i.e. a picture of a man kissing himself) was a disgusting homosexual image. Following that he proceeded to make light of world hunger by comparing it to himself, raping me, and criticizing my intelligence(whilst also proving his lack thereof with fairly poor punctuation and grammar.)

The reality of this is, the poor sucker what posted this poorly contrived response to my personal opinion, is most likely an utter imbecile with some sort of erectile napoleon complex. Because he feels inadequate, he chooses to validate himself by claiming an "above average intelligence," on top of "proving" his level of manliness by claiming he is an "alpha male," who constantly "scores," and is an "epic kickboxer." All this below average, unintelligent, and unfit "person" has proven is his own worth, or lack thereof.

So, to everyone on the internet, instead of spouting off useless bullshit to make yourself seem like the better person, why not apply a little logic. Think about what kind of person would really say something like that. And if the claims don't add up, more than likely you are dealing with someone trying to validate his existence through demeaning others, lying about personal accomplishments, and proving just what a hateful person they are.

anyway, this post is done, go back to doing what you were doing.

Your idiocy intolerant  friend,