Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back To Business!

It's been a while since I've posted anything, and with good reason. Life sucks... Life is busy and full of distraction, little things that add up, subtract, go wrong, go right. Shit happens, then you die. Well, so I've been told anyway. I just keep moving forward doing my thing... The Randosity continues though.

The blog just received a facelift, going back to a more simple design like when it first began. Come the first of the year, I'll be definitely putting more of a focus on this blog. It'll all come together in the end!

Seeing as I've got nothing left to say, and as this has become somewhat of a tradition for me.... have a pony
Until 2013, Have a happy holiday, and be ready to embrace the Randosity once more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I think it's high time I posted something at least semi relevant here eh? Well, this blog is about my random Ramblings, so anything and everything is relevant here! Contrary to the title, this post isn't all about Deadmau5. Rather than that, this post is about music in general and the random shit i've found on

To start the show we have Superliminal by Deadmau5. (I don't have much to say, i just really like it.)

Next we have the Feed Me remix of Knights of Cydonia by Muse.

It's a pretty sweet remix if you ask me.

next up is Rita Ora's R.I.P (DeltaHeavy remix)

Now for some Porter Robinson

Up next is Talk Box(kill the noise remix) by KOAN Sound. Easily one of my most favorite remixes of the past year.

Linkin Park anyone?

And to satisfy the hardcore dubstep crowd and heavy metal crowds at the same time!

that's all I had in me for this one. It's always fun to blog about music, or at least, share music you like with others right? Anywho, leave a comment or something with your favorite songs or artists, I actually will read them :D

(now have a headbanging scootaloo)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Animation: Hits and Misses

GOD DAMNIT I DON'T POST HERE ENOUGH ANYMORE! Anyway, today i'll be discussing 3 animated series: one original, and 2 reboots.

First on the agenda is MotorCity. The very first episode was made available for free download on iTunes before it ever officially aired... something I see as a risky, but ultimately rewarding move. This show has garnered quite a lot of praise from viewers, young and old alike. Between great(if occasionally pleasently over the top) animation, a fantastic aesthetic, and a good sense of characterization; the series ( developed by Titmouse and Chris Prynoski, featuring music by brandon small of metalocalypse) hits several high notes from start to finish, every episode. The characters can occasionally seem one dimensional, and sort of anachronistic, BUT each one, even the big bad guy, and the main group's other various rivals and enemies, are all likable.

The story takes place in the future, in detroit of all places. Abraham Kane, promising a better life(but obviously lying) built a city over Detroit dubbed "Detroit Deluxe," leaving Detroit itself( dubbed Motorcity,) to rot and decay. After his cadet, Mike Chilton, defects and forms a gang of other drivers called "Burners", Kane essentially dedicates his various resources and powers to destroying the Burners, their cars, and MotorCity as a whole. 

seven episodes in, I can wholeheartedly reccomend it.

I won't go into much detail on this one... "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated." Anyone who knows Scooby Doo knows what to expect. And it is pretty damn good. It manages to delve into more interpersonal relationships between Mystery Inc's various members, and NOT make it suck like the next cartoon i will cover.

Another reccomendation on my part. If you like Scooby Doo, you may like this one yet...

Next up is one that frustrates me to no end. The Looney Toons Show. It's so infuriatingly bad I can't even be bothered to put an actual picture of the show up on my blog... So I'll just give a general rundown. Much like Scooby Doo... Looney toons plays on the interpersonal relationships of the series various characters.... whilst ATTEMPTING to mix in that classic slapstick fun.... Unsuccessfully. Ultimately, it's dry, boring, and sadly too modern for it's own good.

Well.... I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I hated writing it( lol.) I'm off to play some Eden Eternal.... or something.... Wanna play with me? I'm Reventon on Sapphire server channel 2.

ooh and have a pony for good effect

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Recently, I've gotten into the habit of using a PSX emulator... Why you may ask? Because i wanted to play my old fucking playstation games and don't have a working damn PSX or PSone. The emulator is called pSX v1.13( it runs Beautifully on my computer thankfully). It's nice to finally be able to play gran turismo, megaman legends, and Klonoa again. My childhood has returned..... and it's awesome!

Obligatory Musical posting!

Alrighty, it's been a while since I've done a music post(for that matter, it's been a while since i've posted anything.) So, instead of beating the around the bush, or beating a dead horse... or any other metaphor, Let's just get right down to it. The music contained in this post is just music that I like for whatever reasons. Don't question it, just attack it with an open mind.

First up is the "Skrillex Orchestral Suite".... A beautiful, orchestral take on his various synth and bass hooks... definitely worth a listen

Next up we have "PIRL" By  Baasik and BlackGryph0n.... I'm not gonna lie.... it's a song built around My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.... and... well.... it's kinda like Skrillex, meets Knife Party, with a bit of MLP:FIM magic sprinkled over the top... and It works beautifully.

That brings us to Mord Fustang's "Lick The Rainbow"
What I have here is a sample, but his use of a more analogue.... almost Distorted organ run through a Fender cabinet on maximum overdrive sound. And really, it just works...

Next Up we have a couple tunes by Deadmau5...

First we have "Failbait(ft. Cypress hill)"
I'm not a fan of rap and hiphop (save for a few standouts) so this tune had it's work cut out for it to get me to like it.... And i don't like it.. ..I love it

Next up is "The Veldt(featuring Chris James)
Simply put.... it's beautiful.... and the vocals are perfect for this song....

now that i've run out of music to share today....  here's some ponies.... DJ P0n-3 to you mortals....
my god i've become a brony....
Lol.... vinyl scratch..... 

Later Everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pokemon Problem

I am 20 years old... soon to be 21. I've read my fair share of bullshit on, "what being a man is all about." And everything says the same thing.... "you must put away your childish playthings."

Now, for many a hopefully obvious reason, I will probably never do this. I refuse to let my inner child die, and that's where pokemon comes in. It was a huge part of my childhood.... and for a while was kind of "all encompassing" for me. I loved damn near everything about it. I still do to this day... ( though at times I am loathe to admit it)

Now... about that problem. The argument that "Pokemon Has become unoriginal" has been around since the release of Gold and Silver, though, at this point it has reached a rather disdainfully high level of idiocy. And the worst part is, a lot of the problem seems to be coming from the fans of the first games. Seriously, the fans that have been there from the start are the ones you expect to be the voice of reason, but a lot of them seem to be displaying a rather loathsome level of imbecilic single-mindedness.

For me, every new game takes a considerable amount of getting used to. Though the controls, basic gameplay, and core concept all remain fundamentally intact, each new generation of pokemon brings with it a sort of learning curve. Well, it's not so much a learning curve. It's something more along the lines of "learning to love, or at least tolerate, the new." I've been there at least once for EVERY damn pokemon game I've ever played, and I can guarantee that I'll be there for "Black 2" and "White 2". But, Gamefreak always improves on the last game, so, the real question here is NOT whether or not I'll love the game, It's whether or not Gamefreak And Nintendo deliver again for what will be an expansion of the 5th generation, and the series EIGHTH pair of new titles.

In my eyes, there is no real pokemon problem.... only problem child fans. That becomes increasingly apparent by the day....

 Anywho, I'm tapped out now.... So ima log off...

(also, I just realized how damn roundabout my blog posts are becoming)

 OHAI WAITAMINNIT WENDIDIHITTENTHOUSANDPAGEVIEWS?! well then.... i guess this is the 10,000 views special too.... THANKS EVERYONE!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eden of the East( and why you should be watching it)

Where do you want me to begin with this one? It is well and truly hard to give a good, properly critical review when the series in question is so good, it makes me actually go back and rethink what I say my favorite anime series is. It manages to be incredibly outlandish, whilst still remaining fairly down to earth. All together, Eden of the East manages to do something no other anime series has done for me since... well shit, I can't remember a single series that really made me sit down and think about how I could change the world. This series really is that good.

As good as this story is, it has a few occasional pitfalls. Some of the character designs are a bit clunky, or feel forced, the series places a little too much emphasis on making the main characters so likeable, and sometimes, the amount of thought you have to put into something to fully understand it, can actually raise your IQ by about 2 to 5 points. Wait... The IQ bit was a plus, but, where I work, being smart is rewarded with a pink slip.
Please pardon my momentary lapse in intelligence.

The art style, whilst a bit clunky at times, manages to properly convey characters' emotions, and no movements leave you without a sense of what they were trying to do. The actual environments look pretty damn good as well. When ramped up, the action is smooth, and the animation style, and the aesthetic of the whole series more than suffice.

As for the actual story, I will leave you, the reader, to actually watch it and take away from it what you will. I want to play no part in influencing your choice in liking this series... I only want to point you in the right direction. So I am cutting this post off a bit shorter than my usual review.

In short, Watch Eden of the East. Everything about it came together so incredibly well, it would be a shame if you didn't. (also, if you're feeling frugal, the second movie "Paradise Lost" is available on itunes for $2.99. I dunno about you, but i think that's a hell of a steal!)

So, off to bed for me, now knowing cowboy bebop has been knocked into second place... all thanks to Eden of the East.

Goodnight everyone

Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's a thing, a glorious thing to you that I bring!
With this thing, this wondrous new thing, a new era, new start, is what I bring.
Though not for the daft nor faint of heart, this era will never see us part.
As human together, together we sing, WHAT, OH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING?!

Well, for starters... I just saw The Lorax. Let me just say, if you grew up like I did, with the books I did, you will undoubtedly love this movie. Charming, funny, a great aesthetic, and a pretty damn good spin on a classic tale. It's almost assured your kids will love it too... it's bright and colorful, but not annoyingly so, some of the jokes are a little shaky, but they still manage a chuckle or two here or there, and it's proof that the wonderful Dr. Seuss knew what would happen, and tried to warn us( lol.... nope.avi). It's a damn good movie, and i wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.... 3D is optional, but worth the price of admission.


um.... HAVE A PONY!

source: shineymagic

.... the end.... for now.....


My job has been killing me lately... Absolutely killing me, so much so that I have no energy left for anything.... ANYTHING! But here I am.... weird isn't it?

Anyway,  have a short practice DJ mix thingy....

From here, I'm finished for the day.... the randosity has returned, and it will hopefully start a weekly update schedule...

and now.... i shall imitate the guy in the animation below.... (source:Ask Captain Linebeck

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been fucking exhausted lately. My job leaves me with little energy, or will to do anything....

 BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON..... later.....



i'm going to bed......

Expect a proper randosity post sunday..... possibly

Friday, January 27, 2012

I've obviously been a bit short on posts haven't I?

That said, I've been bloody busy. Life is a bit of a drag(and a hell of a distraction), but once i'm more used to my work schedule, the usual business of me ranting about random arbitrary bullshit shall commence....

For now....

I have become a brony.... join the herd....(I'm moderately ashamed of myself to admit that, but, "the last roundup" was what pushed me over the edge into the fandom....

yay... =============>

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the iTunes I am(and another thing)

Not So Random- Forget who you are by Naithan

Apparently it is a thing to pay 10 bucks a year to get a song up on iTunes. I think it's pretty cool, and the folks up at tunecore are geniuses for making it happen!

so this song right here is up on iTunes, it's not great, but hey, it sounds okay!

That said i plan on doing a remix of it, or an edit... i dunno, i just wanna make it sound.... bigger

and the other thing?
mane6 is all best pony.

figured i'd end on a joke.... my grammar and punctuation..... that's the joke.... later!