Friday, January 27, 2012

I've obviously been a bit short on posts haven't I?

That said, I've been bloody busy. Life is a bit of a drag(and a hell of a distraction), but once i'm more used to my work schedule, the usual business of me ranting about random arbitrary bullshit shall commence....

For now....

I have become a brony.... join the herd....(I'm moderately ashamed of myself to admit that, but, "the last roundup" was what pushed me over the edge into the fandom....

yay... =============>

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the iTunes I am(and another thing)

Not So Random- Forget who you are by Naithan

Apparently it is a thing to pay 10 bucks a year to get a song up on iTunes. I think it's pretty cool, and the folks up at tunecore are geniuses for making it happen!

so this song right here is up on iTunes, it's not great, but hey, it sounds okay!

That said i plan on doing a remix of it, or an edit... i dunno, i just wanna make it sound.... bigger

and the other thing?
mane6 is all best pony.

figured i'd end on a joke.... my grammar and punctuation..... that's the joke.... later!