Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's a thing, a glorious thing to you that I bring!
With this thing, this wondrous new thing, a new era, new start, is what I bring.
Though not for the daft nor faint of heart, this era will never see us part.
As human together, together we sing, WHAT, OH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING?!

Well, for starters... I just saw The Lorax. Let me just say, if you grew up like I did, with the books I did, you will undoubtedly love this movie. Charming, funny, a great aesthetic, and a pretty damn good spin on a classic tale. It's almost assured your kids will love it too... it's bright and colorful, but not annoyingly so, some of the jokes are a little shaky, but they still manage a chuckle or two here or there, and it's proof that the wonderful Dr. Seuss knew what would happen, and tried to warn us( lol.... nope.avi). It's a damn good movie, and i wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.... 3D is optional, but worth the price of admission.


um.... HAVE A PONY!

source: shineymagic

.... the end.... for now.....


My job has been killing me lately... Absolutely killing me, so much so that I have no energy left for anything.... ANYTHING! But here I am.... weird isn't it?

Anyway,  have a short practice DJ mix thingy....

From here, I'm finished for the day.... the randosity has returned, and it will hopefully start a weekly update schedule...

and now.... i shall imitate the guy in the animation below.... (source:Ask Captain Linebeck

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