Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pokemon Problem

I am 20 years old... soon to be 21. I've read my fair share of bullshit on, "what being a man is all about." And everything says the same thing.... "you must put away your childish playthings."

Now, for many a hopefully obvious reason, I will probably never do this. I refuse to let my inner child die, and that's where pokemon comes in. It was a huge part of my childhood.... and for a while was kind of "all encompassing" for me. I loved damn near everything about it. I still do to this day... ( though at times I am loathe to admit it)

Now... about that problem. The argument that "Pokemon Has become unoriginal" has been around since the release of Gold and Silver, though, at this point it has reached a rather disdainfully high level of idiocy. And the worst part is, a lot of the problem seems to be coming from the fans of the first games. Seriously, the fans that have been there from the start are the ones you expect to be the voice of reason, but a lot of them seem to be displaying a rather loathsome level of imbecilic single-mindedness.

For me, every new game takes a considerable amount of getting used to. Though the controls, basic gameplay, and core concept all remain fundamentally intact, each new generation of pokemon brings with it a sort of learning curve. Well, it's not so much a learning curve. It's something more along the lines of "learning to love, or at least tolerate, the new." I've been there at least once for EVERY damn pokemon game I've ever played, and I can guarantee that I'll be there for "Black 2" and "White 2". But, Gamefreak always improves on the last game, so, the real question here is NOT whether or not I'll love the game, It's whether or not Gamefreak And Nintendo deliver again for what will be an expansion of the 5th generation, and the series EIGHTH pair of new titles.

In my eyes, there is no real pokemon problem.... only problem child fans. That becomes increasingly apparent by the day....

 Anywho, I'm tapped out now.... So ima log off...

(also, I just realized how damn roundabout my blog posts are becoming)

 OHAI WAITAMINNIT WENDIDIHITTENTHOUSANDPAGEVIEWS?! well then.... i guess this is the 10,000 views special too.... THANKS EVERYONE!

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